what is the cause of 'non system disc' error at start up? i cant access my C drive, is my hard dying on me?

my laptop has been giving me that error the past few days, sometimes it take a few times before it actually starts up. It also went on blue screen once with the "memory dump" error which I know is BAD....and today I cant access my C drive anymore, is this fixable? or do I need to think of a new laptop?

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    it can be fixed

    it js tht u might need to reinstall the OS or get a new Hard - disk thts all

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    Non-System Disk or Disk Error results when the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) cannot find the boot sector or the master boot record is missing or damaged; i.e. the device does not have bootable media. The BIOS searches drives in the order usually specified in the CMOS Setup. This order is often, but not always, A: (floppy drive), C: (first partition on the hard disk)… The error will occur during startup if the CMOS is set so the BIOS seeks the floppy drive first and a non-bootable (or blank) floppy is in (was left in) the floppy drive. Other causes include:

    No bootable partition on a hard disk drive

    A defective hard disk drive

    The CMOS drive settings (parameters) are not correct for the boot device

    Defective floppy

    Defective floppy drive

    A virus

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    blue screen and memory dump is definitely a symptom of a corrupted Boot Record.

    Don't fret, your machine is still fixable. Try using the image disk that your laptop came with. It will boot and restore settings from that like the day you got the system from the shop.

    Now since I have several machines, personally, one thing I would do though is take out the hard drive and backup all the data/documents that you have there.

    Good luck

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    Yeah that hard drive crapped out on you. Anything saying no system disc means failure of hard drives. My sisters had the same problem. We had to start it up about 15times before it would boot into XP cause she had her ALL of her graduate documents (thesis documents) and she didnt back it up. We got it though.

    If the laptop is good (if you liked the video and processor speed) then get a new hard drive and operating system installed. But if you just want a new laptop then get one but its sort of a simple fix.


    Yeah you can reinstall the OS but thats not necessarily gona work. Might work but fail later. You could try reinstalling the OS.....doesnt hurt to try if you have the reinstall cd. The serial key is on the license sticker on the bottom of the laptop if its still there(can fall off).

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    First, get to a PC that works, and google MS Support for instructions on performing a "chkdsk /R" from a recovery disk (Hopefully you have that disk that came with your laptop...If not, find someone with an XP disk that they can lend you)...That may be all you need...Also, google for the "Hitachi DFT Utility" - This is a download that can diagnose whether the hardware in your disk is actually defective (As opposed to a software issue)...Good Luck!

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    Those errors mean that your hard disk boot sector is damaged and yes you have a good idea there that your hard drive is showing signs that it needs replacement but still try too reformat your hard drive and install your Windows...

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    Format your hard disk and reinstall the operating system

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    i think...there is a loose connection to ur hard disk...just tightenin it shud sort of solve the problem

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    it maybe a memory conflict i think.

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