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HELP me to help someone i know in the Philippines who has i believe terminal LEUKEMIA PLEASE?

this person is 37 has one child of 12 years old.what concern me also expect the illness of the mother is that the child who has no father will be left in the streets as they have no money;she is very clever; i try to do my best but i do not know what to do PLEASE HELP me to get associations or any place to go to. i thank you in advance so much


I do not know this person from the internet and you have to understand that in this country there no help whatsoever

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    Search "Leukemia associations" on the internet

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    this person must have some relatives as the child is minor she has to be under the care of her mothers parent's or sisters/brothers ... contact DSWD in the philippines they know the legal procedures and they can help the mother as well.

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    if this friend of your's is from the internet, dont alway's beleive what they say ok, if not, im very sorry to hear that, but their is not that much you can do, im sure that she won't let her child be left alone on the street's, and all will work out fine ok, if you are that worried, just talk to her,im sure you will work something out, sorry i can't help,

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