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Can I watch Hindi Movies Online no matter it can be old too if i need to download any software plz tell me?

post the software name or site name i need

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    These are sites & cultural music resources which offer free Hindi songs, new releases, free Hindi mp3, movie songs, cultural folk songs, tribal music, Hindi music downloads online, lyrics databases etc. Some of sites listed below may offer them free while some may charge a small fee to register to download their songs or mp3s. Always read their terms & conditions. Be careful about copyrights. - Very good site. This site gives some rare old classic songs and on the top of that very straight forward and free. You can some Lata’s classic at

    Some more songs - - Good download available. Was able to download some songs. - This site is dedicated to King of Ghazals Talat Mahmod. In case you do not want to read about him and want to download go to - Good site even latest movie songs are available here and I could even download some. - Again good site for download. Offer separate downloads for Free and Premium member. Do not know what premium members get but free is also fine. - Allows downloads - allow you to hear song instantly with MP3 sound track and Real player sound track as well. However require registration. - This site provide download of popular songs but recorded by member of site in their own voice. - Offers collection of music lyrics & songs collection. - offers Indian music and Hindi mp3 online. Even text of mantras are available. But could not find place to download. You can find religious and meditation songs here. - Offers new and latest MP3s, Hindi movie songs in real audio. - A site for Hindi song lovers. Comprehensive collection of Hindi movie song information on the web. You need to install the Devnagari Unicode set on your pc. - This site is having good collection however most are available for listening online. I tried some but was never able to listen  – This portal give different download sites with hits per day. - EarthMusic Network (EMN) is the biggest collection of searchable Hindi film songs. It helps you find whatever information you like for the song that's humming in your head. With the first few words of the song - typed any way you think is reasonable - or the name of the singer, or music director or lyricist, or film, or actor, or the year, and you can find it here. However I could only find lyrics and no downloads. - Find some Indian melodious songs here. However this again is portal so it will redirect you to other sites once you made some selections. - This is listed as song site but I could never find any song on this. - This site call its pages as station and these stations are available in different categories – By Singer, Actor, Actress, Music category, Year, Genre, Director, and Music Director. However no download available and you have to listen online. Difficult for slow speed connections.

    Some sites which have lyrics of the songs: - Also provide translation – Check it out this site also for lyrics.

    Have not check these sites in detail: - One paid site which allows users to download a nice collection of Hindi mp3 songs. - Online music station - Again available online only. - Useless site - in .rm format

    One great way of downloading Hindi mp3 and Hindi music is from IRC channels. You need to find out about the legal stuff before you decide to download from there. You need to have IRC chat software for that. You can download mric from

    One very popular room is #DESI-MP3 on server . Just join the room and you can search and download the best quality Hindi mp3 available on the internet. There are quite a few rooms like this. Though not as simple as just clicking and downloading, but this is the best you can get as far as Hindi music is concerned. On joining any room, check for the triggers which tell you what files are available for download.

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    Download Golmaal Returns Hindi

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    Watch Free Movies Online

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    Hi there,

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