What is your favorite hotel near the Philadelphia airport?

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    Don't have a favorite airport hotel, but why bother? The R1 will take you to 30th Street Station in 20 minutes and in another 10 you'll be in Center City. I'm sure the airport may be cheaper, but if you're going to spend the money on cabs and stuff anyways, you may as well go into the city and check some things out. I'm sure the food is much better than at the airport too.

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    I agree the Airport Marriott is best if you want an airport location... literally built onto the terminal. R1 train to Center City right next to hotel. But this hotel can be pricey!

    Nearby within a mile or so (shuttle availble) are two properties I also like: the Embassy Suites (nice rooms, full free breakfast) and the Fairfield Inn by Marriott. The Fairfield has some of the nicest staff I've ever met (I travel a LOT across the USA) and a free continental breakfast. Rooms are more basic but decent. Both will take you in their shuttle to the R1 Essington train station (5 minutes away) which goes right downtown.

    I agree with other comments if you have business downtown stay downtown.

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    The best hotel is the Marriott in the airport (Terminal B) but this is expensive. A cooked breakfast is available at extra charge.

    For a budget stay, the Econolodge in Lester is passable for a one night stay - they have a free shuttle bus to and from the airport (about two miles). Only a "continental" breakfast.

    Another reasonable hotel is the Ramada, also with a shuttlebus.

    Source(s): I have stayed at all three hotels
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    The Holiday INN & its cross the street rival the Ramada in Essington. about 5 mins drive south of the Airport on RT. 291.

    Source(s): I'am not a travel editor. But I did stay at a Holiday inn express once! Sorry, love the AD.
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    Sofitel, but it's in Center City.

    Source(s): born and raised in Philly
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