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how many of you have been discreminated against for a disability at a wall mart store? have they apologized ?

I was treated like scum at wall mart because of my disability ant the manager basically said to bad. im compiling a list to send to the president of the company.

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    The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed a disability discrimination suit against Walmart in January 2004 for discriminating against a job applicant who uses a wheelchair when he applied for a job at a Wal-Mart in Richmond, MO. Before that, Wal-Mart settled a discrimination claim by two job applicants who were deaf in 2000. More recently in February 2005 Wal-Mart lost a discrimination suit by a pharmacy employee who has cerebral palsy. These plus 12 other cases all involved employment discrimination under Title I of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).

    The type of discrimination you experienced is protected against in Title III of the ADA, which is about public accommodations. Be aware that there are time limits for filing complaints.

    Complaints of Title III violations may be filed with the Department of Justice. In certain situations, cases may be referred to a mediation program sponsored by the Department. The Department is authorized to bring a lawsuit where there is a pattern or practice of discrimination in violation of title III, or where an act of discrimination raises an issue of general public importance. Title III may also be enforced through private lawsuits. It is not necessary to file a complaint with the Department of Justice (or any Federal agency), or to receive a "right-to-sue" letter, before going to court. For more information, contact:

    U.S. Department of Justice

    Civil Rights Division

    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

    Disability Rights Section - NYAV

    Washington, D.C. 20530

    (800) 514-0301 (voice)

    (800) 514-0383 (TTY)

    I'm sorry this happened to you. Good luck.

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    thire employes were not atentive but there atension was called when i complaint and treaten to sew them in curt.

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