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Does the USA have nuclear weapons in south Korea?


The question was not about subs or foolishness of foolishness-es nuking DPRK, the question is does USA have nukes in south Korea.

Now I have to add; Is North Korea sensible in requesting the USA to remove nukes from the peninsula

Update 2:

and bart the war never ended, it was only ever a ceasefire.

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    Ssssshhhhh! No-one's meant to know!

    I doubt it (because of the terms of the ceasefire at the end of the war) but an honest answer will be very hard to get, I think!

  • The US does not need to have nuclear weapons in South Korea. Have you ever heard of a ballistic-missile carrying submarine or SSBN? The US has more than 20 of them and can park one of them off the coast of the Korean Peninsula. One SSBN has enough nuclear destructive power to level everything in North Korea, and you can be sure the US has one ready and waiting.

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