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Who is responsible for the Yankees demise?

Brian Cashman

Joe Torre

Derek Jeter

Alex Rodriguez

Jason Giambi

Randy Johnson

or sombody else to blame

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    Great question - that of course is making the rounds after their playoff loss. I believe you forgot one important name however: George Steinbrenner. I think you would have to put he and Cashman at the top of the list in terms of who is at fault here. Steinbrenner is a double-edged sword in the sense that on the one hand he instills a must-win attitude which has to be given credit because it seems to almost will the Yankees into the playoffs year after year, but on the other hand that same attitude costs the Yankees dearly. It's old news to discuss the players that the Yankess have traded away, but it must be examined - let's face it the Yankees not only take on heavy contracts, but contracts of players who typically have a small window of time which they can perform at a high level (i.e. Johnson, Sheffield, and Giambi). Enter Cashman. Whether or not this is also Steinbrenner's fault I will set aside for a moment, but Cashman's emphesis, alongside Steinbrenners, has left the Yankees with a farm systen which is both depleted and in fact not a real concern within most of the orginization (how could it be with such an eye on winning NOW). Shouldn't Cashman be blamed for bringing Rodriguez in exchange for Soriano? We all want to jump on Rodriguez, but the truth is if it wasn't for Cashman's bumble A. Rod wouldn't be around for 4-41 perfomances (or lack thereof). Cashman and Steinbrenner should take a look back at when they were winning titles - what did they have going for them: players brought up through the Yankee farm system (Jeter, Williams, Posada, Rivera) strong starting pitching (Clemens, Cone, Mussina), and perhaps most importantly low to mid-cost solid players (O'Neill, Brosious, and Leyritz - guys who actually perfomed in the clutch). The problem is that was a system which took a couple of years to cultivate, and that is where Cashman and Steinbrenner ultimately are at fault the most: they're in too much of a hurry to lose.

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    id say mostly brian cashman, and also george steinbrenner. steinbrenners a freak- we all know that- even us die-hard yankee fans (notice the screename!)!!

    i think most of the blame should be on cashman- he's the one responsible for getting the good players, and he just got sucky pitchers!! they had an AMAZING lineup, but their pitching was lousy, so they lost! the yankees have to stop chasing all the golden oldies who were stars back in the day but are now just way past their prime (ahem ahem randy johnson). they need to look for the young, original talent!!

    i think torre did an outstanding job, considering what he had to work with...! and i dont think you can blame any specific player either- winning is a team effort- especially not jeter- does MVP mean anything to you?

    just remember that this is coming from the BIGGEST YANKEES FAN ON THE PLANET!!

    peace y'all!

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    I think Cashman is most responsible, but then again from what i have heard he is more the doer for Steinbrenner. So eventually it is not his fault, so the rumor goes.

    But I think the Yankees are built for the regular and not post season. They have a packed lineup, full of stars but Sheffield at first base? A-Rod at 3rd? It seems the sacrifice a good balanced lineup for offence. The Best pitcher is Wang, but Pavano, Johnson, and others at times could just not get it done this year.

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    CASHMAN, CASHMAN and CASHMAN! They lost because they couldn't pitch. It is real stressful for hitters if they know that they are going to have to put up some numbers and score a bunch of runs. They end up trying too hard and don't get the job done. Pitching wins Championships! The Tigers had 4 quality starters and a great bullpen. The Yanks had Mussina, Wang and Rivera. That is not going to cut it. They need to get another pitching coach, I think Torre really misses Stotlemeyer and Guidry is still "Green" when it comes to coaching.

    If they want to get back to where they once were, they need a good three and four starter, their pen is great, they just need the guys to get them there.

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    No mix of issues. only one straightforward element brought about their loss of life. They could not get the large hit. In all 3 video games that they misplaced, that they had numrous opportunities to tie the interest or take the lead yet could not. that they had 10 hits final night yet purely 2 runs. that they had the bases loaded in 2 diverse innings and purely scored one run from the two rallies. video games 2 and 3 have been very comparable. the midsection of their lineup (A-rod, Texiera, and Swisher) did genuinely not something with runners in scoring place. In a short sequence, you ought to take each and every threat to attain runs and of their 3 losses, the Yankees only could not do it. confident Sabathia replaced into out of rhythm after the suspended interest. confident Girardi overmanaged in some video games. confident Garcia did not pitch that properly. in spite of the fact that in the playoffs, all of it comes all the way down to situational hitting.

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    Another no brainer. I believe that the Detroit Tigers are responsible for the Yankees demise. Whos with me?

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    The entire yankee team ( except jeter, posada, and wang ), plus the entire coaching staff, cashman and stienbrenner.

    The tigers didn't beat the yankees, the yankees beat the yankees. This was the second worst playoff series in yankee history ( 2004 ALCS #1)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    baseball is a team game. every player on the yankees is responsible. how about giving the tigers credit for out playing the yankees.

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    The 193 M payroll

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    Combination of all of them...

    You cant blame it all on any single person, cashman could have gotten more pitching, torre could have made better moves, and the players could have played better....i would put most of the blame on the players though, no matter how good the manager is when you play as bad as they did your not going to win

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