Has anyone heard of an organization called "USA Resource Marketing Group"? Are they a legit employer?

This company sent me an email today asking me to submit an online application for a regional marketing manager position. Since I've never heard of this company, and they do not supply a corporate URL in their name, I am suspicious. Recently I have heard of organized crime sydicates posing as corporate recruiters in an attempt to gather sensitive personal data, especially social security numbers, birthdates, and drivers license numbers.

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    I received an e-mail from them yesterday and it too caught my attention, where is how I found your question.

    Something that thru me however was in mine they mentioned the salary amount. In that salary range I find it hard to beleive they would just throw it out there. However, when I was looking I was never asked to supply personal information online... ever. I can see where the worry would come in if they did hire you and you needed to supply the information to HR. Afterall, HR to what and where. Their is a site that when I was looking for a job I could check the creation and creator of any website. I don't have the URL for it anymore but if you look it up I'm sure you could find it. Might be anywho.com or something like that. I wish I could help more... but give them the information you are confortable giving. And remember several large company will seek candidates in a sudenum (sp?) name. First thing I thought was google... but it's prevelant in my area. Like I said give them what you are confortable with iving nothing more and who knows you just might find the dream job.

  • Unless they ask you personal informaiton, they are most likely just a company that will charge you a fee to become an "employee", or they may be offering a commission only based position. Unless the information came from a trusted or requested source, I would delete it and forget about it.

    Since the company doesnt show up in any search results, you should try and do a search on the email address or a phone number that came with the email.

    I get emails like this all the time, I just ad them to my spam list.

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    I got the same thing from USA RMG yesterday. and on top of that, my fiance got something from a "Russian finance group" aking for her SSN and stuff. WATCH OUT, PEOPLE!!! There are scammers out there and we've got to protest ourselves. If you ever get something like this, check to make sure it's a legit company. No company should ask for your SSN or Drivers Licence # until you are hired.

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    Recieved the same email. I'm suspicious as well. Never heard of them and can't find them anywhere. I'm not submitting any info ... let me know if you (or anyone else) finds anything.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I just got an email also, about my resume' and an administrative Assistant position but I can not find any info on the web about them. Doesn't sound good.

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    I also received an email from them, and googled the company name and it brought me here. Probably a scam, don't fall for it.

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    Here's a good link all about USA Resource marketing and their Instant Human Resources-http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=16233

    It is a scam.

    Glad I could help someone, it helped me.

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