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Who Is the Best Basketball players by position of all time.?

My thoughts:

Pg: Oscar Robinson

Sg: MJ

SF: Larry Bird

PF: Dennis Rodman, DEFENSE

C: Hakeem Olajuwon

Coach: Red Auerbach

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    My line-up would be composed of players who all won championships:

    PG - Magic Johnson - redefined the meaning of point guard because of his size at 6'9", won 5 championships with the Lakers and 1 Olympic gold medal, 3-time MVP.

    SG - Michael Jordan (what more can I say about the Greatest Basketball player ever? 6 NBA Rings, 2 Olympic golds, 5 time MVP)

    SF - Larry Bird (won 3 championships with Boston and 1 Olympic gold in 1992, 3 time MVP, one of the best shooters ever. If MJ was Rare Air, Larry Bird was Rare Earth)

    PF - Dennis Rodman - despite being smaller than most power forwards, "The Worm" was one of the most ferocious rebounders ever, being the NBA's rebounding king in 1992-94, and 1998, and Defensive Player of the Year in 1990 and 1991. Also won championships with Detroit (2) and Chicago(3).

    C - a tie between:

    Wilt Chamberlain - he holds both scoring and rebounding records in a game (100 pts, 55 boards), 2 time NBA Champion, 4-time MVP; and

    Bill Russell - 11 NBA Rings, including 8 straight, and two as player-coach, 5-time MVP, Olympic gold medalist

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    PG: Magic Jognson

    Sg: MJ

    Sf: Larry Bird

    Pf: Karl Malone

    C: Kareem Abduljabar/Wilt Chamberlin

    Coach: Phil Jackson

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    Point guard - Magic Johnson.

    Shooting guard - Michael Jordan

    Small forward - Larry Bird

    Power forward - Karl Malone

    Center - Wilt Chamberlain

    Tim Duncan might qualify at power forward, but he's played a lot of center. Oscar Robertson is almost a coin flip with Magic. Julius Erving and Bird are more or less interchangable. Bill Russell makes my team. Jerry West isn't a bad backup for Jordan. And I'd find room for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and John Havlicek on a 12-man roster.

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    PG=Magic Johnson


    SF=Larry Bird

    PF=Karl Malone


    Coach=Phil Jackson

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    PG: Magic Johnson

    runner-up:Oscar Robertson

    SG:Michael Jordan

    runner-up:Jerry West

    SF:Larry Bird

    runner-up:Scottie Pippen

    PF:Karl Malone

    runner-up:Charles Barkley

    C:Wilt Chamberlain

    runner-up:Hakeem Olajuwon

    The reason I have the best and the runner-up is that I think the best player will make more of an impact on any team plus the best player is what the runner-up is but a little better in some cases.

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    PG: Magic Johnson

    SG: Michael Jordan

    SF: Scottie Pippen

    PF: Karl Malone

    C: Wilt Chamberlain

    Source(s): My brain.
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    PG: Oscar Robertson

    SG: Michael Jordam

    SF: Larry Bird

    PF: Tim Duncan

    C: Wilt Chamberlain

    but if I could play people out of their traditional positions it would be:

    PG: Oscar Robertson

    SG: Michael Jordan

    SF: Jerry West

    PF: Bill Russell

    C: Wilt Chamberlain

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    PG -- Magic Johnson

    SG -- Kobe Bryant

    C -- Wilt Chamberlain

    SF -- Larry Bird

    PF -- Karl Malone

    With Magic at the point, these guys would put up a LOT of points.

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    PG: Magic Johnson

    SG: MJ

    SF: Julius Erving

    PF: Karl Malone

    C: Bill Russell

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    Point Guard: Chris Paul Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant Small Forward: LeBron James Power Forward: Amar'e Stoudemire Center: Dwight Howard

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