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Laying sod? Landscaping question.?

What is the process involved in laying sod. We are building a new home and want to attempt to do the backyard ourselves. We are moving in in the end of January, is it a bad time to start? Should we wait until spring? Any tips?

Thank you in advance.


Looks like it would help if I said where I am....Vancouver B.C. Canada.

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    This depends where you live, I live in Arizona it would be ok to sod here in January.

    Want a nice yard.

    Do a soil test & adjust your soils PH . Here we have to add soil sulfer to lower the PH to 6.5 , you may have to add lime to rise your PH. When you get your PH right your grass will do great.

    Rent a rotor tiller and till in some bags of mulch, triple phosphate

    and starter fertilizer and anything you need to rise or lower the PH.

    Rake the area you just tilled, remove any rocks , install your sod, then roll over the sod with a sod roller ( that you can rent ).

    Besure to keep your sod from drying out water 3 to 4 time a day for the first two weeks.


    Water the area where you plan to install you lawn for a few days before you till ,this will make tilling your yard alot easier. Try to till down to 6 inches.

    If you are installing a sprinkler system, install it after you till.

    Buy or check out some books on lawns and laying sod, sprinkler systems , good luck on your lawn

    Source(s): 25 years professional landscaper
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    You don't say where you are but I'm in the south and I am doing the same thing. What I've told by the landscape people is for now do a Winter Rye Grass. It will grow this winter and then it will die in the spring. You can then till the ground and you want to take about 1-2 inches off the top the yard and then lay your sod. One other good thing to do before you do the Winter Grass is have your soil tested to see if you will need to and anything to your yard come spring so that the sod is planted it good dirt.

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    Laying sod is not hard at all. There are a few steps you can follow to create a beautiful lawn. If you are thinking of laying sod in Jan. then I would assume you live in a warm climate. Otherwise wait until late April or May.

    First grade out the property lines and the entire area that gets sod. It doesn’t have to be level yet just make sure to take out all stones and debris larger than a golf-ball. For every 300 sqft of area you should top off with one yard of top soil. If you need to level spot this is the time to do so. Add enough top soil to the areas needed to level the entire property or at least give it a nice smooth top by raking it out by hand.

    Once that’s finished start at the farthest point away from curb of the driveway and work inwards. I suggest getting out 200 pieces and drop them in before you lay them in their final spot if you do not have a crew. Then go back and complete 100-200 sq yards before moving on to another pallet. Pallets usually have 100 pieces, or equivalent to 900 sq of sod on them. Just lay it all in as a rough and go back to fill in small areas and cut out pieces around obstructions.

    Finally make sure to water everything for about an hour. If you have an irrigation system make sure for the first week you water once in the am and once in the pm for about 25 minutes each zone unless it rains a lot. Stay off the lawn for about two weeks. You will notice a lot of growth. 10-14 days, give it its first cut.

    make sure to get topsoil no matter what because it has nutrients and PH balancing compounds that allow long term healthy growth with minimal maintenance.

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    Everything depends on your weather. You want to wait until all danger of frost has passed. The new sod needs a good, even base of fertilized soil, and sod installation is relatively easy if you work fast. You want to really push the edges together and keep the 'seams' somewhat staggered like a brick pattern to minimize the striping effect. The minute the sod is down, WATER WATER WATER...don't let it dry out at all. Keep it moist until it has a chance to establish roots. Get it from a reputable dealer and have plenty of extra hands to get it done fast. Sod can die quickly if it dries out or isn't installed fast enough.

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    Rye seed will not come up if the soil is too cold. Down south, it will come up in January, but not too well. Come April, it will take off only to die in June.

    If you get full sun, wait until mid May and throw out Bermuda seed.

    Keep it moist for at least 15 days and you will have instant yard.

    Make sure you have the grade correct before you do anything.

    Winter is a great time to install all hardscape, trees and shrubs,

    You will have plenty to keep you busy.

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    Wait until Spring and your sod will root quicker. Any place you can buy sod should be able to tell you about soil preparation steps.

    Deal with any weeds as soon as you can after you move in, then again just before you sod.

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    If you live in a cold area,sow winter rye. It will grow during the winter,then when it warms next year sow your grass seed. I do this every winter as I have the only green lawn in the area Rye also puts nitrogen into the soil. Cheaper than fertilizer. $20.00 for a acre.

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