Computation of inductive loads?

Example; a 40 watts flourescent lamp what would be the ampere @ 220 volts supply

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    Previous is correct other than that a fluorescent lamp is connected to a choke. Therefore there is PF to be taken into consideration.

    Generally, a fluorescent choke has a PF of .8 (nominal) therefore the above answer has to be divided by .8 to get the VA of the circuit.

    Answer .2275A.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, to solve your example, you could use the following equation:


    P=power (in Watts, W)

    I= current (in Amperes, A)

    V=voltage drop across element (in Volts, V)

    For a 40W light bulb at 220V supply, the current is .182A.


    Another important equation is Ohm's Law.


    V and I same as above

    R is resistance (in Ohms)

    Those two equations should get you through most basic circuits. Also, consult Kirchhoff's Loop Laws as needed. Hope this helps. Good luck!

    Source(s): Engineering and Physics Student in college; Physics tutor for 5+ years
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