How is a flat top on a baked cake achieved?

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    Everyone is right when they wrote that you must cut the dome off the top of the cake before flipping it over and out of the pan. However, most cake mixes or recipes do not result in the sides of the cake baking to the very top of the pan. So, when you cut the dome off to achieve a flat surface, you're greatly reducing the overall size of the cake. As I frequently bake and decorate cakes, here's my tip to achieve the largest, flat-topped cake as possible:

    If you're using a cake mix, use two mixes -- or increase your recipe by 50%. Instead of filling the cake pan approximately 2/3 full, fill it at least 3/4 full -- maybe a splash more. Don't worry -- the cake batter will bake and rise up and over the top of the cake pan, but it will not come out of the pan and make a mess in your oven. You can use the remaining batter for cupcakes!

    Once the cake is removed from the oven and cooled completely in the pan (best cooled on a cooling rack), use an inexpensive cake leveler (about $3.00) and slice off the dome even with the top of the cake pan.

    Using this method, you'll achieve a very full & flat-topped layer -- making anything you do with it turn out beautifully!

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Here is a link to show you what a cake leveler looks like. You can pick one up anywhere Wilton cake products are sold, such as Wal*mart, Hobby Lobby or Michael's arts & crafts stores:
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    Most cake decorating supply places have something with a wire strung across a small metal frame. (I can't remember what it's called) You just slide the wire thru and slices off the top layer to make it all level. They are fairly cheap too... less than $10.

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    I would also say you have to trim it. Even if you flip it over, the sides will still fall downward. I would suggest trimming the top, so it's flat, then flipping it over, so when frosting, you have a nice smooth baked top!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You usually have to trim it, as cakes naturally round up in the center.

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    flip it over, the bottom becomes the top which is flat. make sure you put oil and flour in the pan so it doesn't stick.

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    You have to cut the top off.

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    when you take it out of the oven you let it col and just flip it over

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    With a long, sharp knife

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