What does it mean when a lady says she doesn't date?

I like her answers on here. She's funny and real. I like her photo. She's beautiful. I like her voice on the phone. She has this lilting voice.

I want to go out on a date with her and she said she ~doesn't date~. I said what does that mean? and she said it means she doesn't date. I suggested coffee. She said she ~doesn't do coffee but thanks~.

She's single & never married. She's not seeing anyone & doesn't have a broken heart. She doesn't have kids. She's not missing a limb or in a wheelchair or anything. She's not religious. She's not too busy at work. She doesn't prefer women. She doesn't have some nasty disease. She's not 350 lbs. She thinks I look good, sound good, work at a good job, ~would date me if she dated~. I know all these things because I ASKED.

Did I miss something?

This is driving me crazy. She said she wrote she doesn't date in at least one of her answers and I have to admit I saw one answer like that....... but what does ~doesn't date~ mean????????


We also talked on her web cam/my web cam. It's really her.

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    Maybe she doesn't want a relationship right now. Like maybe she's happy where she is in life and doesn't want to complicate it. I felt like that for a while and then I met a great guy :D and he changed the way I felt. We're not exactly together but he changed the way I felt so it's possible. Keep in touch with her and be her friend for now. If she changes her mind you'll already be her friend.

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    It means that she is not interested in dating right now because she has other things to focus on. Sometimes people just don't want to put the energy into a relationship because they are happy and want to keep it that way, or the time is wrong, or for whatever reason. Keep in touch with her, things might change. Good luck !

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    R u sure that the pic that you saw was really her? Maybe she isn't who she claimes to be and is too embarassed to fess up, have you seen her in person? You can ask her all day long on the phone but if you don't actually see her how do you know? why else would she be willing to give you her # and talk to you but not wanna go get coffee? sounds fishy to me, anyways good luck homie

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    Means you're freaking her out! She was slightly amused by the attention you gave her, but in actuality, "she's just not that into you".. besides it's all online.. sorry the coffee idea didnt' work out.. but ... you tried , gave it an effort, and it's time to move on.. dont' be a stalker..

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    She's just not that into you. Telling you you look good nd sound good and would date you if she dated is being tactful. Doesn't mean that you don't look good, but maybe you aren't her type.

    You've done everything you can to win her over --- hang it up and move on.

  • LORD Z
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    1 She doesn't date.

    2 She doesn't date you

    or 3 She doesn't date men

    One or all of these could be true. Move on.

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    what i think that maybe she not ready in relationship. or can be that she doesnt like you that why she said she doesnt date. you are her kind perhaps. if you really like her, give her some times, see how is the things goes. maybe one fine day she will changes her mind. wish you all the best, but why all the guy i know not like you. sigh................... do your best guy

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    Most people say that when they are not interested.Alot of women are leary about dating men off the Internet.

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    I don't know... people are.... strange. Once in a while, you just have to reboot. I might also go with the answer above: wildwhiskey...

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    I know lots of girls like that, hell I am a guy like that. It just sort of happens with people like us, one thing leads to another and BOOM! You two are making out with intercourse soon to follow. Just dont give up on her.

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