Zone Alarm & Spybot causing my CPU to run at 100%???

Have downloaded various Antivirus/spy/firewall programs have have ditched Norton. Have run a very lengthy scan using AVAST (over 4 hrs!!!!)and have detected a couple of Trojans already.

Do I still have a problem??

Checking Windows task Manager informs me that my CPU is at 100% .....that cant be right can it??

The culprits seem to be zonealarm..(zlcliener.exe and vsmon.exe) using a good 90% on their own. When I tried to run spybot, this wantes to use 98% on its own and everything virtually stopped!!!

I also had a problem when I held the Ctrl key down to open up a web page. This seemed to teel my PC to open up all sorts of programs. i am running Windows defender at the moment to see if there is anything else making my pc doesnt seem very well at the moment

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    The owner of Spybot Search & Destroy is a friend of mine out of Germany. The entire program was built at their university with student help. Friend or no friend, I don't use the program, because it is very poor in my opinion, as it usually only finds cookies and "DOA". Plus when I tested his program my CPU ran at 100%. It is a real hog on resources.

    I have used for atleast nine years an I never had one virus in my system. Plus it is very low on resources.

    I also use for many years an likewise is very low on resources.

    When "avast, found the trojans, you should always reboot your system after a trojan, spyware, adware or malware is found.

    Sounds like you have to many programs that eat up your resources. Like Windows Defender, it also is junk and eats up all of your resources an actually does a very poor scan an if you are lucky will find a few cookies. Remove this program.

    Stay away from Nortons and Mcafee, as they are both junk and eat of all your resources.

    I use avast in my own computer and zonealarm free.

    If you need a really good antispyware program, go to Download their free for home use A2 Squared 2.0 They will ask you for your email address so they can send you your free key. (They are out of Austria). Excellent free program that scan all 175,000 objects in my system.

    I use ADSL, but for added security this program also protects you from "rogue dialers".

    You can only run one antivirus program, or you are going to have serious conflict with your system and CPU, will be at 100%. You can run three or four antispyware programs with no conflict at all.

    Here is one more antispyware program that I use an is low on resources. They have been around long before anybody ever thought of spyware/adware. Download thier free home use Ad-aware Se Personal. (They are out of Sweden).

    Clinical Psychiatrist, France

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    i don't have zone alarm.. but when i was downloading anti's, something caght my eye and now i can't remember exactly in words 2 tell you.. but it was something 2 do with scaning, that you have 2 check mark.. because it will take 4 hrs 2 scan, if you don't .. you might have 2 uninstall zone alarm, then reinstall it again, 2 get the shorter scan.. its not called quick scan, that i know.. but where you are now, is where i was.. been there, done that, bought the dang tee shirt.. 4 hrs is 2 long 2 wait 4 a scan 2 finish.. bummer eh.. but wait 4 others 2 answer before doing more.. i've had spybot many many moons.. it's a good side kick 4 the real virus scanner.. don't know why your having a problem with it.. again wait 4 the pro's 2 answer..

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    Don't worry about the cpu ... You cannot run more than one anti-virus at a time ! It will cause all sorts of problems. Also ,run either Zone Alarm or Defender but NOT both .

    Yes, if Avast ( I use it too ) has found a trojan get rid of it pronto. It seems that you're running a bunch of stuff that you don't need and that causes a bunch of crap also . Down-load , Ccleaner freeware reg. cleaner ... back up files when you run it .. it will find all kinds of errors and fix them ... Use Firefox,as your default browser and you won't have these problems .

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    I had some problems with Zone Alarm in this combination also.

    I use AVG anti-virus instead of Zone Alarm and have no problems now

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    1 decade ago

    Delete spybot search & destroy. It isn't a very good program.

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