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Why has North Korea insisted in testing nuclear weapon despite of the rejections from many other countries?

Hugh costs were spent on the nuclear weapons used to destroy earth and human beings while many of their people are living in poor, lack of foods, nuitritions, and even education.


From some of the answers, can I describe it in this way: N. Korea tells US, "Give me your money, credit cards, cars, bank account or else I will burn your house and kills your people."?

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    The North Koreans feel they have the same right as other countries to test nuclear weapons. France also did tests a few years ago.

    These countries do not like the U.S. and other countries telling them what to do in their own country. As well they do not understand the dangers of nuclear radiation because their leader controls them and what they learn.

    It really is sad because it hurts the environment :(

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    Hi Candy

    As a lot of people have already stated... North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons is purely a gambet too force the United States into one on one negotiations with them. What they want from the US is energy assistance, security guarantees, and humanitarian relief. Their hope is that they can get these thing with very little consessions from thier side of the table.

    Off the bat thier are several very obvious flaws with thier plan. First of all they didn't count on China (pretty much thier ***only*** freind in the world) from responding quite so critically. Also they are grossly under estimating the current executive government in the US in terms of thier "no negotiation" stance. One thing they did do was accurately gage that the US would avoid using a military opption against them. Right now they are hoping too drag this issue out untill the next election. The hope is that they will be able too negotiate with a Democrat White house after 2008. The last time that they negotiated with a Democrat White house they were able too get quite a bit from them. Unfortuantely when Bush labled them as "evil" on global television the North Korean's felt this was sufficent enough provcation too abandon the consessions that Bill Clinton was able too gain from them.

    I hope this answers your question. If you would like me too clarify any of this for you please feel free too email me or contact me via IM.

    Have a good one.

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    This has been going on ever since Clinton gave them the capability to build nuclear weapons. The fact that they have a psychopath leading their country doesn't help either. They were never really satisfied with the way the Korean War came to an abrupt halt, so they have been trying to cause unrest ever since. This is just their way of trying to continue what was ended many years ago.

    Honestly, if you believe that the US hasn't been watching the situation closely, you are a fool. We do have military bases in South Korea, and trust me, those guys are feeling real uneasy about this situation. IF something should happen then YES we will jump hard on North Korea. But so far all they have proven is that their rockets can make a big spash in the ocean, if they even make it off the launch pad.

    Source(s): Active Duty USAF
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    Because Kim Jung Il is too stupid to know better. He has no delivery system for a nuclear weapon, even if he had one that worked right (the test shot didn't). He has a million men under arms, but could not support them ten miles from his own borders because the opposition would have complete supremacy in air and sea and cut his infrastructure and logistics to shreds. And he has nothing to offer any populace that he could bring under his control except the same sort of misery the North Koreans are dis-enjoying now. The only conclusion one can draw from this is that he is nuts.

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    They essentially proved that US is toothless. US show no respect for other's views. They defied the UN in invading Iraq. Why can't other countries do the same???

    to wolfman: when the US shuttle went phut , did it prove anything??

    if the US cannot win in iraq does it mean US is no more a military power?? Because the US is a big borrower from China , does it mean the US economy is down and out??

    to refresher threre: hi , but do you realise that the current govt will talk with anyone if the circs so demanded?? they are willing to talk to iran now ABOUT iraq. they will talk to syria also i think. If things keep up the pace they will even talk to al qaida in iraq. ( they are already talking with old baathists as per some news I saw on net withing the last 2 months )

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    North Korea did it for leverage. They announced today that they will return to the six party talks. Then they will be rewarded with literally tons of free energy from us and the others, not to mention countless other consessions.

    They aren't the first nation to pull this scam, and since they will likely be rewarded, they won't be the last.

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    It is a bargaining chip and an effort to level the playing field for N. Korea.

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    I am definitly not condoning N Koreas actions with nukes but if several countries to the US not to do something do you think they would listen if that was what they wanted to do. Yes they would go right ahead and do it. (IRAQ)

    We should still try to convince the N Koreans that they should use the money towards food and education but if they won't listen what can we really do about it.

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    Because it knows it can and because its leader likes punking Bush and making him look like a fool. There is nothing we can do about NK, or Iran for that matter. Whatever leverage we had to influence other countries has been lost thanks to the Bush administration, which has made us seem weak and dishonest in the eyes of the world.

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