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How many cm is 'legal' printer paper?

How many cm (or pixels) is legal/standard/A4 printer paper? I need to know now because I need to make a belnd in PSP X1 for school, and it has to be a full page. It's due tomorrow.


Sorry, apparently I'm confused XD I was told they were all the same.

What I mean is the average piece of paper coming out of your computer. What size is it? I can do the conversions.

And I put pixels because I need this for a picture for psp, so I can put how many picels I want it to be.

Update 2:

Found my andrew. It's 8.5x11", I measured a sheet XD Thanks for answering though

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    Maybe I don't understand your question, but "cm" (or inches) and "pixels" are different. The length of a legal sheet of paper is 8-1/2 x 14 inches (sorry, I'm old school and don't know metric), standard sheet of paper is 8-1/2 x 11, and A4 sheet of paper is 210 x 297 mm.

    A pixel:

    Definition: A pixel is a tiny dot of light on the monitor.

    Explanation: "Pixel" stands for Picture Element. It is the smallest part of every image you see on the monitor. The color of a pixel is partly determined by how many bits (on/off units) are used to store the pixel.

    Please go to

    Goo luck.

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    um...emma?i asked the blend question weel,im not gonna download it cause it may have a virus & iom not takin that u know any other ways i ca make a cutout/blend??? name is Desiree

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    It is 14 inches, which would be 35.56cm.

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