What is the best way to deal with the flu while pregnant?

I am 13 wks along , my 4 yr old came home this week with the flu and has passed it along to me. Any suggestions on how to deal with the flu while prego ?

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  • Jody
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    1 decade ago
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    Tylonel alot of clear fluids and sleep as much as you can!!!!

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    The only medications that are really a absolute NO NO while prego are cancer drugs and lythium so if you need to take a tylenol go for it. But really if you are feeling sick while pregnant you should talk to a Dr. I was sick as a dog when I was pregnant with my daughter and I couldn't get to my Dr.'s so I took advantage of Telehealth and the nurses there were great. But when it really comes down to it the flu is the flu and there is not much more you can do other han rest drink lots of water and ride it out. I wouldn't worry too much unless you are throwing up from either end a lot. Pedialyte popsicles are great. I was told by my Dr. to stay away from gatorade and Powerade they are full of soium and sugar whereas pedialyte is full of the elctrolytes you need to replace. Good luck

  • Anonymous
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    I am actually 16 weeks along and sick as well. It sucks eh? I am so thankful to have this herb and medicine advice line available to me in the city I live. I have found that many of the cold and flu medications really arent that bad, or bad at all in some cases for pregnancy. It seems like the companies put warnings on some of the cold medications just to cover their butts. You may want to check with your local poison center or hospital to see if some sort of similiar service is available to you.

    I do know that most cold medication drugs are mostly an issue in your first trimester since there is so much development going on. In the second and third trimester, taking a couple of doses of most cold medications arent really an issue at all, but always check with your pharmacist and or course, if you dont really need them to get by, dont use them.

    Nasal sprays like dristan are okay to use for stuffy nose and most antihistamines dont pose any threat, but again, ask your pharmacist. My pharmasict said benadryl was a good choice for anithistamine.

    It is tough when you have another kid running around cause all you want to do it sleep and drink juice. I wish I had the money right now to just order food for him to be delivered cause I just need to nap! Maybe the hubby will take the kid out for a few hours and give you some quiet time?

    Lots and lots of juice, some good movies, some nasal spray and if you are really bad, get some info from a pharamcist. The nice thing about antihistamines is that they knock you out a little.

    Good luck

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    Be careful! The flu can be very dangerous - especially when you are pregnant. Be sure to get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids. Keep an eye on your temperature too. Be careful about taking any OTC medicines. Check with your doctor to see which ones are not harmful to the baby. If it is very severe - you should see your doctor. You can't be too careful when your pregnant in my opinion.

    Take care!

    ***congrats on the baby***

    I am also expecting (baby # 5) 14 weeks along

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  • 1 decade ago

    Make sure you stay hedydrated I had the flu around 12 weeks and ended up in the hospital for dehydration.

    Eat popsicles, ice chips, and drink plenty of clear fluids (water, ginger ale 7up) and drink broths and try light soups if you can keep them down (chicken noodle)

    If you find yourself not keeping anything down (not keeping down ice chips and water even) call your doctor right away.

    Most people do not think it is such a serious thing to be dehydrated but it can be. When it happened to me and I was admitted to the hospital and they ran blood work they found out my potassiom level was low. Here is the deal. normal level of potassiom is a 3, when people (mostly older people, but can happen to young ones too) go into cardic arrest their level is a 2.5, I was a 2.7, glad I went to the hospital.

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    Double check with your Dr. first I was sick when I was preg with my first child and I took Maalox taste like crap. just check how far along you have to be, I took it towards the end it is like that pink stuff but I know that you can't take that when you are preg. The maalox you can take. Hope this helps. It this last more than a few days maybe it's not the flu?

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    I'd recommend talking to your ObGyn, if you think it's the flu it could be bad news for your pregnancy.

    Meanwhile, drink a ton of water, rest and try eating soups. Sorry to hear that you're sick but things will be fine in a few months =D

  • CCC
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    Contact a dr. you should see one at least 13 x throughout your pregancy anyway. It all depends on your health the health of the fetus. Try resting, fluids, lots of vit c and juice.

    if you are vomiting try the brat die, bananas rice and applesauce and toast help keep the nausea and all that down. it cuts down the fluid outpouring from you so to speak.

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    You want to drink lots and lots of liquids.(like we don't pee enough while prego lol) You can also try Dayquil and Nyquil, but you want to take as small of a dose as possible and less often. Rest as much as you can. I know it's hard with another child running around. It will go away in no time.

    Hope this helps and feel better soon!

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  • bugz
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    other than Tylenol & lots of liquids...

    Hot Herbed Lemon Tea with a lil bit of honey,to sooth the scratchy throat.

    next year get the flu shot

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    You can take Tylenol Cold & Flu. I have a 9 month old and my doctor told me this when I was pregnant. My doctor told me any Tylenol product is ok to take.

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