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Why is Canada a greater country to live in as opposed to the United States?Details people.?

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    Ok As a canadian we DO NOT HAVE FREE HEALTHCARE!!!!! we have to pay for it through taxes. With no competition our hospitals can virtually do anything they want. Wait times are ridiculas, and not enough equipment as in MRI's.

    States even though patients also look at it as customer service as well, their private sector pays for the equipment, which means more resources, when you tie the hand that can do better than the public sector, you take away the ability to build.

    A lot of canadians want more private industries to provide services, but be paid the same way by O.H.I.P. ( name varies with each province but is our insurance plan)

    Americans could have the same thing. Technically we have to pay out of pocket for services like eyecare, chiropraters, dentist are just a few. Our health care system is one of the biggest eater of public funds.

    Our PM has more power than the American President except for veto rights. It is hard to go after a sitting P.M. where in the states your President can be censured and removed.

    In Canada we are not peaceful as many beleive we are just like americans when it comes to tolerance, and violence per capita. Remember america has like 330 million people, while Canada has 35 million odds of probability are higher due to population.

    Americans give chances to their people with the free market , here banks damage your credit rating your screwed nobody to turn to, at least american businesses will give you a chance. Banks here are worse than the states, for no free compitition as in the states .

    Canada government and their agencies are like the big brother approach, which is worse than the American big brother approach.

    If Canada was like america when it comes to opportunities and America was more like Canada on equality, North America would be as strong as gravity.

    But Canada and America are the most wanted locations for immigrants, America above canada. We have an image but my cousin in Florida who has lived in both countries says in short there is no difference at a citizen level, as in ordinary people everyday life.

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    I heard that Canada has less violence compared with the United States. Canda is mostly neutral in their political agenda. More peace minded people live there.

    Don't ask me why I kept a list of this in my computer :P

    Top 20 Happiest Nation (Canada is #10) The list came out a few months ago:

    1. Denmark

    2. Switzerland

    3. Austria

    4. Iceland

    5. The Bahamas

    6. Finland

    7. Sweden

    8. Bhutan

    9. Brunei

    10. Canada

    11. Ireland

    12. Luxembourg

    13. Costa Rica

    14. Malta

    15. The Netherlands

    16. Antigua and Barbuda

    17. Malaysia

    18. New Zealand

    19. Norway

    20. The Seychelles

    Other notable results include:

    23. USA

    35. Germany

    41. UK

    62. France

    82. China

    90. Japan

    125. India

    167. Russia

    The three least happy countries were:

    176. Democratic Republic of the Congo

    177. Zimbabwe

    178. Burundi

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    This is too general a question. I am sure some people think the US is a better country. You are allowed guns in certain states, the death penalty is still alive, unmitigated capitalism reigns and the gap between rich and poor is enourmous. On the other hand most middle of the road people make a decent living and like the US very much.

    Myself I like Canada and being Canadian. It is a kinder and gentler country. We have two official languages, a multicultural society as opposed to a melting pot, general health care, we abolished the death penalty and have a military that is committed to peace keeping rather than warfare.

    We try very had to recycle and preserve the environment, although some of us feel our Government is still not doing enough. So for all of these reasons I think Canada suits my personal lifestyle much better than the USA.

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    I can't think of anyway that Canada is Greater than the United States, They have Higher taxes, They have to work under the metric system, The warmest part of their country is north of North Dakota, On the Good side they have Nationwide Health care. Unless you really need the services and then you have to come to the United States to recieve treatment. So all and all We don't have the problems with the French seperatists in Quebec and it is not a law that we have to publish everything in Both English and Spanish. ( we voluntarily do that)


    The Best they have to offer in Beer is Molson, Propbably the skunkiest beer ever produced, and Their next claim to fame is Canadian Mist, Which doesn't hold a candle to really good Whisky like Jack Daniel's

    All of the Cold and none of the warmth, and the really funny ones, wind up immigrating to the US.

    Nope can't really see how Canada is Better.

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    Come on up and attempt us out!! existence isn't according to concern, as interior the states Politics are uninteresting, however the government is balanced so no enthusiasts can get administration we don't choose a great protection tension, because of the fact we make pals no longer enemies. admire is an expectation best Ministers are chosen in one weekend do unlike us, the states are 2 minutes away the guy above is the type we reject

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    "Greatness" is a slippery thing to define, and very individual. In fact, it sounds like a very American thing to try and prove.

    However, Canadian here, so I admit my bias:

    -more tolerant society in general

    -way less crime, especially violent gun crime/murder

    -much lower rates of incarceration

    -we abolished the death penalty and stuck to it

    -better education system

    -not a militaristic, war-mongering country

    -we are patriotic, but not obnoxious loudmouth jingoistic "my country right or wrong" flag waving Toby Keith patriots

    -the CBC

    -metric system, like all science and the rest of the civilized world

    -better beer

    -Canadian Club rye whiskey

    -Canada Dry gingerale

    -universal health care

    -less religious more secular country

    -more political choices

    -higher life expectancy, lower rates of teen pregnancy, abortion, and infant deaths

    -lower rates of poverty

    -parliamentary system of government is more representative

    -our money is waaaay cooler than US

    -less population density=less pollution=more natural resources to go around (that is unfortunately changing)

    Thats just a few reasons.

    The USA is (mostly) a nice place to visit, but I would NEVER live there.

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    the main reason is that we are more free than the united states,less crime, less poverity,better heath care,less racism,more multi culturism,no death penality,i could go on and on but whats the use,we are the greatest country around.

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    You've got to be kidding me! Canada is not greater than the U.S!

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    hey i got an idea... if you think canada is a better country... what are you waiting for... go move there, and never come back.....

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    Free health care for everyone!

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