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Sports nutrition/supplement help?

Does anyone use BSN no xplode,cellmass,truemass and nitrix?...if so does it work? any review websites with reviews would help or suggestions about a good stack. Also where can you find out good diets .....Someone help

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    I'm taking NoXplode right now and I love it. Its really given me motivation in the gym. Dont buy it from GNC though youll spend twice as much as you would if you ordered it over the internet. Stack NoXPlode with a good whey protein, Optimum is my favorite. Dont take and diet pills while you're trying to gain weight. Proper nutrition is key to great gains.

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    first off see your doctor before starting any type of a diet. There could be thyriod or diabetes problem which enables one to lose weight. I never believed in taking diet pills to lose weight. I believe in taking vititamins, excerise, and a balanced meals. Maybe can you find such a diet. I found when you go on a liquid diet or lose with pills that when you are off of them and eat regular foods the weight comes back plus more.

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