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Sociology Paper?

I have to write an essay for a sociolgy class...what would be a good topic?

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    welfare~ why women are on it and what can be done to help them improve their lives so they will not need it such as:

    -free education

    -job training

    -child care

    -transportation to and from school/work

    -classes on resume writing, how to ace an interview and workplace etiquitte

    I got a 4.0 on a paper with this topic in my college sociology class.

    most women on welfare are stuck in perpetual poverty with no way out or don't see anyway out. If we could do a few things to help them better their lives so they can get out then we would be saving money in the long run. Pay for these programs now and eventually these women will not only be off of welfare, they will be paying taxes as well.

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    Why Is Group Violence among Adolescent Females Increasing?

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