Do you have fish as pets?

What are some easy fish to keep and what do they eat?

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    I used to keep fish. Goldfish to start with, along with Black Mollys, then got into tropical fish and then a salt water tank. It's a lot of work though, and can take up a lot of space, especially with a bigger tank and the equipment needed for a bigger tank. You want them to have enough space so they're not overcrowded.

    Goldfish are pretty easy and there are many ready-to-feed foods (flakes for example) for goldfish in pet stores. Get a book about goldfish (or other fish) or do research on line. Online might be best as the information would likely be more current.

    Other examples of "easier" fish and what they eat are:

    "GUPPY (Poecillia reticula):

    Middle America: Prolific breeders. Males are very colorful. Active and peaceful. Livebearer.

    Foods: Flake Food.

    BLACK MOLLY (Poecillia sphenops):

    Mexico to Venezuela: Suitable for beginners. Active, peaceful, eat algae. Prefers hard water. For propagation, breeding traps are recommended. Livebearer.

    Foods: Flake Food.

    SWORDTAIL (Xiphophorus helleri):

    Mexico, Guatemala: Easy to maintain, but prospers only with varied diet. Livebearer.

    Foods: Flake Food, Color Food, BloodWorms.

    PLATY (Xiphophorus macalatus):

    Mexico, Guatemala: Essential for beginners. Brings life and color to the aquarium. Livebearer.

    Foods: Flake Food, Color Food, BloodWorms.

    PEPPERED CATFISH (Corydoras paleatus):

    Middle Amazon: Peaceful, charming bottom dweller. Feels more comfortable in an aquarium with small gravel or fine sand. Will clean up leftover food from the bottom. Scavenger.

    Foods: Tablets, Granules.

    SUCKERMOUTH (Plecostomus punctatus):

    Amazon: Peaceful bottom dweller. Prefers to eat at night, therefore, add one Tablet per large fish before turning off the lights. Scavenger.

    Foods: Tablets, Granules."


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    5 years ago

    Depending on the fish, they can be amazing pets! I'm partial to goldfish; they can live for up to 20 years, are intelligent and readily interact with their owner. They each have their own personality and preferences to boot. However, despite common misconception I wouldn't recommend goldfish as a first time fish, unless you've done a good bit of research into them. They're unbelievably messy, oxygen hogs, and grow quite large. The best advice I have for learning about fishkeeping would be to start by googling 'fishless cycling'. It's a humane way of cycling your tank - allowing the necessary beneficial bacteria time to grow and culture in the filter media - without the need for exposing fish to harsh conditions. There are LOTS of very good articles out there! Also look into any particular fish you have an interest in keeping, and pay close attention to whether they'd be recommended for a beginner or not. Very good fonts of information lie in forums; most people will jump at the chance to help you plan out a new tank for the first time, and what sort of fish would be suitable for you

  • yes i do, they eat fish food, and ne fish are okay, like a beta (i think they are spelt that way) they have multiple colors and are very pretty but they are loner fish. you can put them in a vase with a certain kind of plant and they will feed themselves, just change the water every once in a while. thats basically all that I know about fish, go to a petco

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    Koi are the easiest fish to keep and feed. They are fresh/warm water fish, which make the upkeep easy by itself. They eat generic fish flakes, which is the cheapest fish food you can buy. We had a kio that lived four years and got to be two pounds. They will grow that big or larger if the tank is big enough.

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    Yes, I have a variety of fish from Angelfish to silver-dollars. The best and easy fish to keep to me are goldfish. Try feeding them fish flakes from the pet store.

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    I don't but my cousin does. He seems to like but he's five and has the help of his mom, but they don't take much effort. Think of a fish as a buddie, who you need to care for. And they eat fish food. You can by them at any pet store.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes! I have 2 betta fish and they are very cool. I keep them in two separate bowls. Very easy to care for - just clean out the bowls every few days. Feed them betta fish pellets and a snack at night.

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    I have a 30 gallon tank full of fish. I have a mix of one huge goldfish, two huge plecostemuses, two convicts, a left over danio and a dojo. I think there may be one catfish left in there also. I feed them all the same thing...tropical fish flakes. In two seperate tanks I have two betas, and they get bets food.

  • Jocko
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    Iv'e got 3 lovely goldfish,there names are Change,Whitey and Tiny..All 3 of them have been on plain old fish flakes.

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    1 decade ago

    I have a pond turtle...he was suppose to eat his fish but hasn't yup, I have 12 little goldfish guppies. They are actually cute. Easy to care for. Goldfish flakes.

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