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Corruption in the Roman Catholic Church around the time of Martin Luther?

What are some examples of corruption in the Roman Catholic Church around the time of Martin Luther (and I guess what led to the reformation)? Please state actual sources. Thanks!

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    + I can't quote actual sources due to most of the things being well covered up. (also Sparksalo has done a good job of it) Around that time perhaps a generation earlier the Roman Catholics had allowed the priests to marry and the problem stemmed from what to do about the wives and children of these priests and officials after they passed away. (do we turn them out? did they inherit the church? did they inherit a parish house?) Did they inherit the priests property or the business of forgiveness?) Well the church was not about to give these things up and so they banned priests marrying and they condemned the children and wives and other offspring and this led to some wild times and power exchanges that set the stage for Martin Luther.

    At least that is what I have heard and can't confirm but it makes some sense.

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    valuable. I thoroughly disagree with your list in the way you've them divided up for motives I wont manage all of at the moment . even as the Reformation of Martin Luther bring about a lot blood shed he by no potential meant it to, it set Christians loose from the bondage of religion. And clarified the authentic meaning in the back of Christianity. the numerous denominations are literally not a issue for Christianity. The Reformation also did not reason the Catholic Church to clean up that is act, because it not purely nonetheless holds to most of the non biblical ideas Martin Luther said as them out on, yet has in view that extra even extra.

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    the general populous was basically uneducated. The "church" ie Catholic Church of the time, basically wanted to keep them that way - that is, bibles were only produced in Latin, and most people were illiterate.

    The priests and bishops would feed the people lies regarding salvation. They demanded penances of exorbitant amounts of money or goods in exchange for forgiveness of sin etc.

    Martin Luther was a monk - he studied the scripture and discovered that the interpretation of scripture by the priests and bishops was inaccurate. He insisted that salvation was freely given by Christ, not by "works" or "penance" but by grace.

    He also insisted that if the people were educated, and the bible translated to German for the common folk, that they would be much better off.

    essencially, he was a religious rebel - and rightly so.

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