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For anyone familiar with Dutch culture , what about this song .."Ik Krijg Tieten"?

Does anyone know more about this song .."Ik Krijg Tieten "

It is dutch. It is a children's song ?? What exactly is it about ??

Does anyone have any memories or antedotes about the song ??

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    yup, it's a song about a girl sitting in her bath, playing with the bath foam and suddenly detecting two bumps that weren't there before.. she is scared someone will see (especially the guys), worrying about going to the beach next summer and being found out.. she thinks about staying in bed for a year..

    the chorus ends with "Help!! Help!! Help!! I am getting t-its!"

    It's a funny song. I did not know it (but that will be due to my age), but I looked it up in google. If you want me to translate the whole song, leave me a message.

    It's a song by a child choire (with solo singers) called Children for children".. they have great songs about all kinds of things kids can worry about or have fun with.

    By the way.. did you mean anecdotes? (an antidote is a medicine to counteract poison or an illness..)

    Greetings from Holland!

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    Ik denk niet dat het zo leuk is voor een kind om te zingen .

    Zoek een ander liedje .

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    haha. when i was little i always listened that song.

    it's about getting breasts.

    very funny song !

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