wat do u do when u r depressed?:(?

especially when u r sad from someone u like

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    Sweetheart, my best advice is to do anything that will keep your mind off that 'someone you like.' Spend time with your friends (a sleepover complete with junk food and facials works wonders :), go to a movie, read a book, walk, watch tv, write down your thoughts -- that always helps to put it all in perspective --

    And always remember that love will happen with the right person at the right time. If this guy is making you depressed, chances are he's not the right one for you anyway -- you deserve more :)

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    I listen to music that I love, and I make myself smile. I know it sounds crazy... but I once read that the action of making yourself smile triggers something in your brain that releases serotonin, the 'happy hormone' - and it really works. It doesn't always last, though, so then it's time for the chocolate, the baggy pants, the fluffy slippers, and the good chick-lit novel or funny movie. Basically, when I'm feeling bad (especially if it's over someone I like) I do everything I can to make myself feel happy, and I take it gentle with myself. Run a nice hot bath, burn some scented candles, read your favourite book or just relax, spend some time with friends or get outside and go somewhere beautiful just to admire it. Whatever you do, don't wallow in your sorrow, because that'll make it worse. And there's a difference in being blue and being depressed - if you think you're actually depressed, please speak to a doctor or someone else you trust. I've been depressed, too, and thought that I'd never see the light of day again, but I did. It's possible to get out from under the black clouds if you're kind and gentle with yourself and give yourself enough time to heal. Don't let anyone tell you to just 'snap out of it'; take your feelings seriously, deal with them and finally put them behind you and emerge feeling happier and stronger. Good luck... you can do it.

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    Ok, I don't agree with getting drunk. I thought I would mention that. Here are a list of ideas you can do instead of getting drunk.

    1) Take a relaxing bath and add in something that will relieve stress. Cry it out then relax and realize that there is someone out there for you. It took me 36 years to find this one. But technically, I knew this person since I was 30 or 31 years old. But now is my best friend. Possibly soon be more and still hoping.

    2) Put some relaxing music. Nothing saddening...even if it is Milli Vanilli Blame it On the Rain, something that is going to help you cheer up and dance it out.

    3) Make a Survival Kit of a box and decorate with what ever you like, add in photos of people who are important to you in life, what your goals are, have pics of those things or write it down. Special teas that will relax you, scented candles, and money to call someone just in case of an emergency. A list of Affirmations that you think is best to describe you ie, sweet, loving, caring affectionate & etc. Hey why not add your idealistic man of what you like to see in him, what would that person look like and have a journal and friends phone numbers.

    4) Do yoga, it helps brings, the balance in life better. It did and still does for me. Trust me, it is the best way to live.

    5)Feel the feelings but don't stay there too long.

    6)Eat healthy, take vitamins as depression takes away from your health.

    7)Be with people who are very supportative, and get out for a walk or do something with them. The ones who really cares enough about you and talk it out.

    8)Pamper yourself. Do something to take care of you, facials or hairstyles. You deserve it.

    9) Call a helpline if all else fails....there is always someone who loves you so don't ever be selfish to take your life away or even think of it. You have made the right move by looking for help. Now try it out. ((HUGZ))

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    4 years ago

    properly, I hate to call my songs 'depressing' XD. So right here're my 'sluggish, shifting, emotional' songs... :) broken Wings- Alterbridge In Loving memory- Alterbridge Lead Sails (and a Paper Anchor)- Atryeu i'm With You- Avril Lavigne Slipped Away- Avril Lavigne the next day- Avril Lavigne I omit You- Blink 182 stay collectively For the youngsters- Blink 182 Hate Me- Blue October restoration You- Coldplay Raining in Baltimore- Counting Crows My Immortal- Evanescence hi- Evanescence Decembers- Hawthorne Heights Cry- James Blunt conceal And seek for (sluggish version)- Imogen Heap Scream- Kill Hannah the clarification- Hoobastank My December- Linkin Park Valentine's Day- Linkin Park maximum cancers- My Chemical Romance we are broken- Paramore Everbody Hurts- R.E.M. palms of the Angel- Sarah McLachlan loopy- user-friendly Plan Run- Snow Patrol Chasing vehicles- Snow Patrol it is been a whilst- Staind a thank you to shop a existence- The Fray stressful to declare- The Used on my very own- The Used do no longer leap- Tokyo hotel track For You distant- James Taylor What have you ever finished- interior of Temptation/Keith Caputo Songs by potential of stable Charlotte- carry On, My Bloody Valentine, Ghost of You, Say something, Wounded the guy way under me is an fool. how is 'white and nerdy' a tragic track???

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    I play soccer or play music with friends. Both of those activities create an environment where you are forced to focus on something other than the thing that is troubling you... unless of course the thing that is troubling you is a soccer ball or the sound of music. In that case those two activities wouldn't help at all, but you get the picture.

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    I usually go shopping when I am down,but spending time with someone who is great at cheering me up and helping me forget my problems,[even for a little while] helps.

    Think of something or someone else that has brought you happiness in the past,and get involved with it.

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    1 decade ago

    I usually jot my feelings down and then write up some song lyrics. My creative side comes out when I am downhearted.

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    I get out and do somthing to get my mind off of it. Like go Bowling, or to the bar. Get a couple friends and go to a movie or something

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    Wallow in my own pity, then drink and take some pills and then pull the covers over my head.

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