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Paint for an airplane?

I have a Piper Cherokee 140. Where can I find paint schemes and what kind of paint can I use on it. Any help would be appreciated. I am looking for a special paint that you can use on airplanes.

Thanks guys...

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    You should contact an aircraft paint shop. They will have all sorts of paint schemes and the proper facilities, paints, and personnel to properly repaint your plane.

    There is a significant amount of weight in the paint, so a new weight and balance will have to be performed when you repaint, not to mention all the EPA requirements about stripping and painting. And what if you find corrosion that requires repair? In any event, there are control surfaces and such that must be removed for painting, and only a repair station or licensed mechanic can repair any corrosion or remove and replace the parts.

    Repainting an airplane is not something you can do yourself. Definately contact a professional. Here are some links.

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    First off go on-line and google aircraft paint schemes and go from there. As far as paint goes any good urethane will work lilke Emron,Jet-Glow,PPG ect will work fine. That being said as the previous pres on said a weight and balace should be done. how ever as a A&P I highly recomend that you have the flight controls removed the aircraft stripped of all its old paint .corrosion treated properly (and there is corrosion beleive me, thats the reason to pull the flight controls) have the plane primed with a good epoxy primer and refinsed with a good urethan paint. I recommend that you use a reputable aircraft painter for this (there needs to be a log book entry for this) the weight and balance should not change to much for a strip and paint. What comes of goes back on.The flight control balance needs to be checked also but rarely needs to be adjusted. The balance range for a PA-28-140 is very broad.Rember you get what you pay for and painting over old paint is just covering up hidden problems. the average cost for a strip and paint is between 3000 to 6000 due to extent of corroision and paint scheme lay-out and labor

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    i think you can go on google and find:airline painting and price.

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