Is the "crankwalk" or crankshaft problems on the 97 mitsubishi eclipse GST Curable?

I'm looking into buying the 97 Eclipse GST. I heard about there Crankshaft problems and how they wear out the bearings and etc, eventually the engine shuts down. Is there any possible way that there is a solution to this problem that will fix this from ever happening again, even when it does happen?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nope. No matter what people tell cant be fixed. It is just a strange phenomenon that occurs in the 2nd generation Eclipse 4g63's. I have heard people say that if you change the crank pulley it wont happen...but that is just a load of BS.

    The only REAL way to make sure that problem is non-existent is to take a 1st generation Eclipse 4g63 block and mate it to the cylinder head of the 2nd gen engine. That will eliminate the problem and give you a good reliable engine.

  • 4 years ago

    eclipse trannys are very week feels like the tranny is junk. do no longer installation aftermarket audio/subs in an eclipse a low voltage challenge to the transmission computer will happen and prematurley fry the tranny!

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