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how can i get my girl back but she dont want me back now?

ok well lets just say the first 6 months was really good for the both of us it was perfect then came the arguing the problems she will stop talking to me not listening to me i ask my self wat happ lol she just broke u with me i ask my self why n i ask god to tell me why .... why it had to happen again ..... she said she's tierd of me being there for i was the only guy there for her that i know of but i was there she knew she could tell me anything i just want her back so i know what went wrong .

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    its going to hurt for a while u pray to get over her let her run into a real dog that give a d** about she will look back but u dont need her because right she can wrap u around her finger PLEASE let her go

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    Hey. Let it go. No one wants a guy back who begs.

    If she wants you back, she will give you a sign, then you proceed.

    Sounds like you two don't commuicate too well. Hopefullyl you will learn from this and do better the next relationship.

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