future in laws living in another country?

Hi Girls..

Ok this is how it is,I have this man in my life,we just starting going out.He is from another country,Austrailia,and already told his parents about us,as will as his friends.

I am so happy.

His father told him he should marry me,as will as his friends,this man really has did alot of plannig on his part.Asked me who should move in with who,I said what do you want to do.He wants to move in with me.I said OK.

He has talked about our wedding ,his parents will fly down to my town,like he said its not fair for the woman`s family to fly to his town.

He also has mentioned about our engagement.

He also mentioned next Christmas if I would be intersted in going to Australia,too be with his family.

I never had this kind of a man in my life,and everything feels so right.

He is a trucker as I am,and we met in coffee house.He phones me everynight,while on the road,lets me know where he is,and where he is going.By the way,he`s 26,and I am 36.

Can I expect a ring soon?


He already lives in my country,and has a job here as will.Has been here for 1 year already.

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    I do not know either of you personally, so please don't take this personally. I speak to you as I would a family member and it is only my opinion.

    What you are describing sounds like a typical green card marriage. It has all the symptoms, 10-15 year age difference between the parties, usually the party from another country wants to get married soon as possible. There is also a requirement that in order to get your green card that the person brings back their bride or groom to their own countries embassy, therefore the "Christmas family trip.

    What is particularly ugly about these situations is that many times the parents of the foreigner are complicit in the marriage scam and encourage their children to marry Americans so they can get the green card and find jobs.

    But of course this is probably not your scenario. I'm sure the person your marrying already has their green card. If they don't, I would tell you if you were my family member to tell him, you love him but not interested in getting married any time soon. If he really loves you and it's not green card game he will stick.

    If it is green card game, he will do everything in his power to get you to marry him and make it your responsibility to get his green card. It ain't. They will eventually turn abusive and leave.

    think...you have a good brain.

  • 1 decade ago

    If you both love each other then that is great...his parents coming to the states for the wedding is a huge gesture, but you should suggest having a small ceremony in Australia as well. That is one of those places where EVERYONE should go when they get the chance...it is beautiful. Congrats!

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    Where is the question regarding your future in laws living in another country? I was all ready to answer the question you posted!

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  • 1 decade ago

    sounds good,so far good luck for the future,hope you will both be very happy

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like it to me......

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