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In North American pro sports, what is the biggest rivalry?

Lets open this up to all the leagues from CFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, Arena Football, NLL, and the NFL (the creme of the crop)

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    Depends on the location, Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins (if you live in Texas)

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    all the soccer ones reported are desirable, alongside with Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens (did somebody heavily say the Pittsburgh Ravens)? And it relatively is Ohio St. and Michigan that dislike one yet another, not Michigan St., those are 2 completely distinctive faculties. additionally in basketball there is the l. a. Lakers and Boston Celtics, a fantastically extreme opposition, alongside with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics, and the Orlando Magic with fantastically plenty any of those communities. i don't persist with hockey that plenty yet so some distance as i be attentive to the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington (D.C.) Capitals fantastically plenty hate one yet another.

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    Given the number of years that they have been at it, close in proximity and the recent dramas, the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees have the best rivalry. Every game seems to have subplots regardless of where they are in the standings.

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    New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox

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    The Packers and the Vikings

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    Army Navy

    It doesn't get the notoriety it deserves any more but it is widely considered the best rivalry in sports.

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    i have to go with the NY Yankees and the Boston Red sox...truly passionate fans who love to hate each other...

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    NFL (Kansas City-Denver)

    NBA (Lakers-Celtics)

    MLB (Yankees-Mets)

    NHL (Penguins-Flyers)

    The other choices are sports? Ha

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    Ohio State vs. proven once again this weekend.

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    doesn't matter since it's all corrupted by money.

    Source(s): They are building a $750 million dollar stadium in wash dc but the schools are falling apart.
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