Why do Churches in Costa Rica face west?

A friend of mine told me all churches in costa Rica face west, why? not even he knows, and he lives there! If you know why, give me a shout.

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    I am Costarican. As I understand it, all the churches in my country face the west so that people sitting in church service can face the EAST which is where Jerusalem is located and the crucifixion place of Jesus. This however I can not confirm 100%.

    There is a very visited colonial church in Orosi, which faces to the east. As I heard it when I was a kid, the reason for this is that the town of Orosi would flood often in colonial times. So they decided to build the new church so that the figure of Jesus would face the town and valley (to the East) thus protecting it from harm.

    But if you want to make sure, I would ask a catholic priest. And yes, having every church face to the west is very helpful when trying to find and address in Costa Rica, however it is not the reason for all of them to face west.

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    Costa Rica Churches

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    Nearly all Catholic Churches in Costa Rica face to the WEST. Knowing directions are critical, many addresses in Costa Rica are based on distance and direction from those churches.

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    I know there is a reason but I don't remember. My brother used to be an Architecture major and he said that he studied that stuff but he forgot. He is going to find his notes and books and tell me the reason, so maybe if you give me more time I can tell you the reason.


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    Maybe they are praying to big brother in the U.S.

    like the Muslims that cant face their butt towards Mecca.

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    I live in Costa Rica but i dunno what you are talking about

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