What are the advantages of being legally married before having children with one's partner?

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    Let's see, in the eyes of the law the married man is perceived as the father of any children born during the marriage - can make decisions about the child's medical (surgeries and so forth), an important exception may be found in the nationality laws of many countries, which discriminate against illegitimate children in the application of jus sanguinis(is a right by which nationality or citizenship can be recognized to any individual born to a parent who is a national or citizen of that state. It contrasts with jus soli (Latin for "right of soil"), particularly in cases where the child's connection to the country lies only through the father. This is true of the United States [1] and its constitutionality was upheld by the Supreme Court in Nguyen v. INS, 533 U.S. 53 (2001); since I have been in health care for more than 10 years, I have noticed that if a woman has several children by her husband she is treated with more respect than an unmarried woman who has several children fathered by different men. Unmarried moms and their children also are more likely to face financial hardships and pass that on to another generation - also, one only has to look in the prisons an take an account of how many of their children end up there and the last documentary I saw on that also concluded that at one time or another the fathers(In the year 2002, the prison and jail population exceeded 2 million for the first time (Harrison, 2003). Many of these prisoners are also fathers. Turner & Peck (2002) identified 93% of incarcerated parents who are fathers) had either been in prison or were currently serving time in prison/jail as their sons.

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    I agree with Bryan M. The biggest advantage is doing what God says to do. And in the end, it provides your children with the stability that marriage is intended to bring to a child and a couple's lives. If you don't have the "marriage" then one person, most likely the father, can just up and leave whenever they want to.

    Biblically and mentally, marriage is the way to go before children.

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    well, one they put their name on the birth certificate. two, its seen by some people as the "right" thing to do. I guess for who ever works there is a bigger tax refund which isnt really a good reason to get married, but some people do that.

    the fact that the kid will have BOTH parents under the same roof and will grow up knowing mommy AND daddy is always a plus. Bt tons of single parents have pulled it off as well.

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    The advantage I see, is in God's eyes, your doing the right thing, because you should be married first before having children.

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    The dudes name goes on the birth certificate by law, if not married he does not have too. by law he is legally responsible for the child , if no marriage then you need a paternity tests. Times have changed thou, so this may be wrong.

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    Hmm. Other than being morally on the higher ground? There still are people who view children out of wedlock as negative. And view fornication as not so good for society.

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    Maruna37's answer for women who the husband is the actual father. Otherwise, men are screwed if the kid is not even theirs. I've read that approximately 10% of children are fathered by someone who thought he was the father, but actually wasn't.

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    - your children are protected under law if your marriage doesnt work out

    - you and your children are protected under law and are also entitled to so many benefits

    - child support (incase of divorce/death)

    - alimony (incase of divorce/death)

    - your children have a daddy - and hopefull dont end up being extremly screwd up from society.

  • He has to take care of kids regardless, but marriage is the best.

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