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Did Viv Richards wear helmet during his entire cricket batting career?

Also please tell about Sunil Gavaskar also

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    Viv Richards never wore the helmet while batting. he preferred to wear a cap rather than a cricket helmet even against the fastest bowlers such as Dennis Lillee, Jeff Thomson, and Bob Willis, regardless of the personal danger.

    Sunny Gavaskar never wore a helmet either. But in his later years, he wore a strange looking headgear.

    Years later, Gavaskar's improvised headgear made its way into a London museum. The expert there picked it up and demanded to know which nut had made bold to sport it. Told that it was a batsman who had scored over 10,000 runs in Test cricket, pat came the chilling diagnosis: "The guy is lucky he was never struck by a red-hard cricket ball on this monstrous headgear. The fellow would have dropped dead on the spot."


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    No, he came from the old school, to him that would mean giving in to your fears. El machismo. Anything less would mean being a wimp, and he certainly wasn't that.

    I don't know about Sunil Gavaskar.

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