Anyone know how to quickly increase the heart on Millsberry?

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    There is no way to increase your health quickly - it takes time. But there are things that you can do to ensure the process moves as quickly as possible.

    1. Feed your person a healthy balanced diet consisting of all 5 food groups (vegetable, fruit, dairy, grain and protein). For my people this is what I feed them.

    If their hunger level is "grumbly" or lower they eat (in this order)

    Green Salad

    Fruit Salad


    If their hunger level is "comfortably full" or higher they eat (in this order)


    Fruit Salad

    NOTE: If the person is not "Completely Full!" after eating these two things I supplement with cereal from my pantry (that I get from the prize grabbing machine)

    I always feed my people to "Completely Full".

    The second thing you can do to raise your health is to groom your people. If you buy one of the toiletry items from the Grocery Store and put it in your house. Click on the item and it will pop up a menu in the lower left hand corner of the screen. One of the options will be "Groom". Click that and a window will pop up that tell you grooming contributes to good health. And your health will be raised 1 point.

    Good Luck! I'm sure your person will be happy and healthy in no time. Just make sure to keep him/her out of the Colehurst tunnels - that takes away a lot of health.

  • Don't pay attention to the first answer there are no games that increase "heart" which is your health level. You have to eat a balance of foods from the five food groups. It won't increase all of the sudden, it usually takes about one night and you get a few points. What I eat to make sure I get all of the food groups in my diet is first a bottle of water, then a meat and cheese lasagna, then some kind of fruit. If I am not full after that, I eat a piece of bread, and if I am still not full I eat a vegetable, if I am still not full I do the same thing over again but with out the water.

    Another way you can increase your heth by 1 point per a day is to buy toiletries from the grocery store and groom yourself by going into your houses and clicking on one of the items and choosing groom.

    Good Luck!


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    yeaa if you play games that has the heart on it then it increases the heart

    Source(s): me i have a millsberry
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