how big does the photograph have to be to sell good?

im a amature photographer and i have many beautiful nature photographs and was wondering would they sell better if they were framed and where to sell them?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Framing gets pretty expensive, but at a minimum your pictures should be mounted and matted. You can do that yourself without too much outlay of time or money. 8x10" is a good size, though you may be able to sell some smaller. Large prints, like 16x20", can be spectacular if the quality of the original will stand the enlargement. You might have one or two of those made just for the impact they'll make.

    Selling photos is not easy; there are a lot of talented amateurs out there. Web sites, crafts fairs, and farmers markets are possible places, if you can't get shown in a gallery. Independent bookstores and gift shops will sometimes take artwork on consignment. You could also try getting a local restaurant or coffee shop to display some of your work for sale - free decor for them, free advertising for you. They should get a commission for any they sell.

    Good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    Photos always look better at least matted if not framed. Size depends totally on the subject of the photo. Some scenes are naturally going to look better in a larger format. Others will sell in smaller frames or mats if the quality of the photo is really good.

    You may want to enter some local art shows, ask restaurants, shops and small galleries if they are willing to take some of your work on consignment.

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