Ceasefire in Gaza Strip Holding?

The news headline I just read said that the ceasefire in the Gaza strip is holding DESPITE ROCKETS FIRED INTO ISRAEL. What does that mean? What kind of ceasefire is it that one group continues to bombard the other while they do nothing? Oh yeah.... it's the kind the anti-semetic types long for..... the kind people who claim Israel shouldn't defend itself desire.... unilateral cessation of war!

As soon as enough is enough and Israel strikes again, those same people will whine about how horrible Israel is and how they have no right. But for now.... they stopped any action..... and the terrorists those people support did not. That says something about who wants peace!


Some said the land that Israel took when they invaded other countries must be given back. FYI: Israel did not invade, but was attacked. They did win the war and took some land. Keep in mind also that they were a nation that had just declared themselves to be a sovereign nation, and had not yet built the kind of military they now have. Syria, Egypt, and Jordan took advantage of that and tried to destroy Israel before she had a chance. They defended themselves in a war... and took the land from the invaders.

The Palestinians never were a nation and never owned any land, so why should Israel give it to them? Last year, Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The terrorist response was to use those areas to fire missiles into Israeli towns. Israel had to move back in just to defend their country.

Learn your history. Israel has been on the defense since it was founded. they are not the invaders.

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    Peace is conditional only for the Israelites.

    How many more Kassam Rockets must they accept?

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    The Israeli government is in shambles. The leaders are corrupt and incompetent. The military is in need of a shake up. and the Palestinian government is 10x worse.

    Trust me the only reason why Israel is not firing back is because they need the "ceasefire" now more than the Palestinians. G-d willing new elections will come soon and compotent leaders can be put in place.

    in the mean time dont expect much.

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    The ceasefire held for 57 minutes on Sunday.....

    How does Palestine think they're going to survive the severe international sanctions in place if they continue to lob missiles at Israel?

    Whatever happened to that hapless soldier kidnapped months ago? The one who gave justification for the present warring?

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    So " They do nothing", "the Palestinians never owned any land," " anti-semetic types " " who wants peace". etc etc You need to attend to history.

    As to Israel does nothing, the Palestinians never owned any land, anti-semetic types and who wants peace.etc ? I can only wonder where you researched this fairy story. Actually both peoples are semetic. Many many people including myself are not anti-semetic nor colour blind or anything else. But are against Fascism, Zionism, -Nuclear weapons, power against the powerless & " terrorising " , driving people from their lands, wherever it may be and want peace for all the exploited and suffering .


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    in order for a cease fire in the middle east to happen Israel must fiirst pullout from the countires that it has invaeded. It needs to give those countires thie land back. It invaed Syria since 1967 during the 6 day war. The reason that terrorist groups attack Israel is becuause they see Israel as a foreign occupier and they want it out of their country.

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    That's what the media thinks is right: Israel is attacked and they don't respond. That's "peace."

    Do ceasefires bring peace? How many ceasefires have there been in the Middle East?

  • HAHAHAHAHA yeah right, it will hold. hahahaha

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