My Dell laplop "doesn't see" the router/modem, what's up with that?

I have been using wireless until I got to a relatives. She has yahoo dsl w/4 jacks on the router. When I load the softare, it stops at "installing 4 of 5" because my laptop "doesnt see" the router or it says it cant' find the modem, whatever. I have my dsl cable plugged into the back of my computer and my lights are lit up saying I'm connected at 100 mbps but wont go online. What's up?


Sorry, guys, LAPTOP,LAPTOP,LAPTOP, LAPTOP, is that better Ms. Pink?

Update 2:

Sorry, guys, LAPTOP,LAPTOP,LAPTOP, LAPTOP, is that better Miss. Pink?

Update 3:

Sorry, guys, LAPTOP,LAPTOP,LAPTOP, LAPTOP, is that better Miss Pink?

Update 4:

It's my damned computer doing this, not me. Something's up with that now, jeez.


Update 5:

I've read three answers; I) My relative does not have a wireless router, just the usb cable to my laptop. Do I run the software or not? Is the IP address of my dialup (emergency logins) conflicting with it?

Update 6:

I'm now asking Sacha Claus a question: I am using my dialup to get here now online; the two computers in tray are lit up saying online, but properties say 0 bites received. When I go to cmd, is it going to see my dialup connection or my dsl?

Update 7:

I GOT IT!!!!! Sascha gave the best answer because I followed his directions except I added, restart, and after I did, Voila! I tried to choose best answer but it said I had to wait 4 hours. Thanks soo very much !

Update 8:

Because my first question loaded 4 times, it wont let me ask a new question so Im doing it here. To sascha if you know wireless as you do dsl. Why can't I pick up wireless conections when others can? Okay, we walk in a hotel room, Bob gets the wireless connection instantly, my computer will see it but it wont go in the net. What is the proper protocol (i just got wireless laptop new in July) to get online? They hit IE and they're up, I do that same and NOT.

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    Your computer probably "remembers" your IP settings from home.

    Of course this won't work.

    First make sure, that the network adapter of your computer has "DHCP" (automatically assigns IP addresses) enabled and not a fixed IP address (find out by right-clicking the network connection and chose "properties"). If it has a fixed IP entered, change the settings to DHCP and follow the these instructions.

    1. Click "Start"

    2. Click "Run..."

    3. Type "cmd"

    4. Click ok - a command line interface pops up

    5. Into the new window type "ipconfig /release"

    6. Wait a bit

    7. When the operation is completed, try to reconnect.


    actually it sees all network connections. Type "ipconfig /all" to see an extended list of the properties of all network adapters.

    Regarding the USB adapter: I'm not sure what kind of physical set up you have there. If your relative has a router you should be able to connect your laptop with the router by an ethernet cable (with RJ45 plugs on each side (looks like this: You don't need any drivers or software for this to work, so this is the cleanest and therefore the preferable configuration. Don't mess around with USB


    Probably you have the very same problem here as with the wired connection: Your network connection remembers your IP from home and doesn't get a new one automatically when you are in a different location.

    Make sure that the wireless connection has DHCP enabled as well.

    1. right-click the wireless connection

    2. Choose "Properties"

    3. Click "TCP/IP" in the list of protocols

    4. Click "properties"

    5. Click "Obtain IP adress automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automically"

    6. Click ok

    If it doesn't work right away, right-click the connection again and select "Repair" (only in WinXP)

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    You should not need to load the software. If you are going to connect by the wire, it should just start to work and no additional software is needed. That could be what is messing you up. If you are working with the wireless connection, it may be an issue if the wireless network is secured. If this is the case you'd need to know the username/password that is in the router. If you call the DSL provider they can walk you through the steps.

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    okay it should work if you connect with the ethernet instead of the usb but if youre with the usb, you probably accidentally deleted your driver adapter. when its installing it should give you the name of the driver its looking for and cant find. this could be fixed one of two ways:

    run netshwinstockreset.exe or winstockxpfix.exe

    or download the adapter...

    also turn off the wireless.

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    its common my laptop does that all the time, and if you go to another persons house and hop on their wireless connection you need another IP address specifically for that connection....

    ..bottom line you cant just walk in and connect....

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    Isla and Tessa <3 Good luck.

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