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Dear world, recently some classmates of mine had discovered extremely classified information concerning myself

I'm not going to give it all away but I opt to wear grown person diapers. (They give me the support I need.) Anyhow what this all boils down to is that I've been at the receiving end of some sadistic oral assaults with reference to my ‘loose bowels’ and my sexual relations partner told me that he hated me and wont return my e-mails. I’m wondering the perfect way to get each and everyone of them back for RUINING MY LIFE. Untill then I'll be stewing in my quarters. Good day.


I don't believe my age has anything to do with the question just answer it or get out of town pickletits.

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    Snogworth, you can't say "pickletits" in response to Alotta saying pickletits. It just makes you look like a cockshiner. Let's take a step back and respect Alotta for sharing her innermost feelings with us. I have to let you all know, it's not how it sounds. Alotta's diapers are ginormous and make plastic swishing sounds when she walks. She makes herself a prime target for perverts and insecure children. As for her loose bowels, well they've caused class to end early on several occasions so the 17th janitor we've had this week can come clean up her fecal messes. As you can imagine, getting one to clean up such things is almost impossible. It's actually how Dirty N got his name. So a big heartfelt thanks to Dirty N for cleaning up Alotta's bowel messes.

    Well, Alotta, I hope this cleared some things up for you. Namely that herpes outbreak on your lower lip. I mean how do you expect people to talk to you and not notice that volcano of malignant ooze? It's goddamn awful. In parting, I once again beg you to refrain from leaving your T I T S AND VINEGARRRR in my food. Okay? So could you not do that anymore? Thaaaanks.

    Source(s): My source? These things just come to me.
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    People can be so cruel. Order them so nice things in the mail. You kknow the little cards that come in the Sunday paper that say "Bill Me". Read about someone doing that in a book. Maybe send some vaccum cleaner salespeople their way?

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    That is horrible! I would act like every thing is normal. When they say something, I would have some pre-thought-out comebacks at hand.

    But if worse come to worse, you could always threaten to sh*t on them! I am joking of course!:P

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    The answer to your problem is a simply one - introduce these slandering muck-rakers to your collection of used diapers.

    PS - Here in London, they're simply called "Papas".

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    Seems to me that you chose the wrong person to trust with this information and they told someone who is unscrupulous with that info. Next time, keep your private stuff to yourself. I know sometimes we need to vent, but you need to figure out how to know who to trust before giving out your personal info.

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    No. it isn't labeled. Did you want me to respond to your 2d question too? I weigh 9.8 Newtons in preserving with kilogram, comparable to any human on the floor of the earth. Did you want my mass too?

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    I love to pickletits but I'm happier still to see you stew in your own juices......

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    How old are you? still in school? sexual relations partner? im confused something isnt right!

  • I request pictures before I can give you my legal advice.

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    baby .,,... diapers rule .... the only way to get back at them is impacting their heads to your dirty used diapers .... recycle those diapers on their heads ....

    you rock

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