This question is for someone with a little medical history?

lately i have been having muscle spasms and i have these little tingly feelins all over, i have also had a feeling of numbness in my foot and part of my leg i have also had this in the ends of my fingers. another symptom is once and a while i feel cold oh and i also get this hot feeling in my foot. i have also had cloudy urine. Sometimes my back is sore right down in the bottom. I have also had this feeling of getting sick. Another symptom is when i go to bed at night my legs sometimes have tremors. I also get blurred vision. I have also had sharp chest pains when i breathe in. I also have this feeling of something being in my throat. another symptom is when i bend over or put my arms down they tend to sort of shake gently. i also have it in my wrists and neck. i also get this feeling of heaviness in my stomach and i have sharp pains that go down the right side into my groin. ANYBODY THINK THEY CAN FIGURE THIS QUESTION OUT?????????

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    Well it's hard to guess when I can't see what is relaly happening to you. From what I could be that you have anxiety attacks....but are you stressed latley? more then usual? Do you have feelings of hyperventilation? Shaking of fear? Are you fearing of something?

    Other question is are u having anybody in your family who has essential tremors? It's neurological disorder that manifests in any part of the body, and it is constant trembling which gets more symptomatic due to stress, anxiety, excitment etc.

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    Have you recently been in an accident or somehow injured your back?. Your numbness and tingling feelings sound like you have some spinal issues that are radiating to your legs and feet and arms. Not sure about cloudy urine, but the other issues, even the feeling of something in your throat, could all be caused by disc problems in your spine, possibly cerivcal and lumbar.

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    1 decade ago

    you may have a neurological problem . you also may have a kidney problem along with high blood pressure.

    i think there is also some chance you have suffered a stroke.

    you should have your blood glucose levels checked.

    in general the answer to your problem is that you have not been to a medical doctor. so you are suffering from a condition called lackomedoconsoltoitish . this is a common problem that comes with many different symptoms and each one is left untreated as a result of the lackomedoconsoltish problem .

    the treatment for this illness is to consult your medical doctor.

  • Tea
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    1 decade ago

    Whoa, you need to get checked out by a doctor soon! Many of your symptoms line up perfectly with Multiple Sclerosis, which is never anything to play with.

    Edit: Here's a web site that outlines a lot of the symptoms associated with M.S.. Seriously, get to a doctor quick!

    Source(s): I have a degree in Microbiology
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  • RBRN
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    1 decade ago

    I'm an RN and I wouldn't dare touch this one. You need to see a Dr. soon. Sounds like neurological involvement of some type.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like you have multiple problems.

    Time to see a Dr.

    Spasms & tingley & numbness could be R.L.S..(or a hundred other things).

    Urine could be a kidney infection.

    Good luck & hope you seek help.

  • 1 decade ago have too much going need to go see a doctor..maybe a clogged artery or a pinched nerve..low in potassium..really don't know ..but please go see a doctor..they can do could be something miner...but go get checked out

  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like someone is trying to poisen you slowly. Careful who feeds you.

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