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does anyone know what happened to the members of s club 7 ?

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    Tina: In 2004, she was rumoured internationally to be romantically linked to David Schwimmer for a few months following media reports of her visiting him at his Spanish villa.

    Tina recorded a FHM charity cover for Rod Stewart's hit song Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?.

    Paul: Paul vanished into obscurity until early 2005 when he re-emerged as the lead singer and songwriter of a rock band called Charlie Bullitt. Throughout most of 2005 the group have performed in a number of clubs and pubs in such places as London, Brighton and Aberdeen - but so far they have failed to attract any significant attention. However, in October 2005 Paul left the group on friendly terms.

    He is marrying Hannah Spearritt during the summer of 2007.

    John: Recently, Lee worked on a number of other musical projects before returning to the stage and starred in BBC's The Sound of Musicals on Saturday nights. He is currently back starring in Les Miserables as Marius at the Queens Theatre.

    Bradley: Bradley starred in MTV's show Totally Boyband, where he is part of a boyband made up of ex-pop group members but their first single, The One, was a commercial disaster and charted at No 35. The members in this group are Danny Wood (formerly in the band New Kids On The Block),Dane Bowers (formerly in the band Another Level), Jimmy Constable (formerly in the band 911), and of course, Bradley McIntosh (formerly of S Club 7 and the renamed S Club). Their manager is Jonathan Shalit. The final episode of their show was on Sunday, November 5.

    Jo: In March 2006, "What Hurts The Most" was recorded and released by country group Rascal Flatts. It reached #1 on the US Billboard Country Chart, and peaked on the Hot 100 at #6.

    Hannah: In February 2006 it was revealed that Hannah had landed a lead role in a brand new ITV series called Primaeval. Hannah will play the role of Abby Maitland, the assistant to the time travelling Professor Nick Cutter (played by Douglas Henshall). The series is expected to be screened in early 2007. In late 2006 Hannah began filming for a role in ITV's At Bertram’s Hotel, which is part of the Miss Marple mystery series. Hannah said in a interveiw with the Daily Star that she is engaged to boyfriend Paul and they are set to marry in the summer.

    Rachel: Stevens spent the first few months of 2006 in Los Angeles in preparation for launching an acting career. According to Stevens, she is working with the William Morris Agency, one of the largest acting agencies in the world and she has been seen visiting the same acting class that Brad Pitt used to attend. As of this writing, Stevens' next musical career move is unknown. Multiple internet rumours were started, all giving different "comeback" dates in which Stevens would release a new single (all of which have proved to be untrue). She shocked many of her fans and pop commentators by doing a small tour of university clubs after her second album flopped and with no new material to promote. She played at The University of Birmingham Graduation Ball in June as well as the Summer Ball for Swansea University. Rumours include that Stevens is trying to get an American record label and is looking for acting roles in movies, however neither have been confirmed by Stevens or her management.

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    First Paul Cattermole left in March 2002 to form a different group - very different from S Club 7. He has been in a nu-metal band and a rock band but with no success.

    Hannah Spearitt has starred in the movies "Agent Cody Banks 2: destination London" and "Seed of Chucky". She is currently filming a role for the "Miss Marple" series.

    Rachel Stevens launched her solo career in 2003 and has already released two albums and five singles, and is working on her third solo album.

    Jo O'Meara released her first single in 2005 which debuted in the top 20. She is currently working on her second solo album. Tina Barrett is working on her solo album.

    Jon Lee has performed in West End shows and Bradley McIntosh is said to be in the progress of producing and recording his solo effort.

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    I have actually been wondering this myself recently. I always think I see S Club members on TV. lol Anyway, you asked so I looked it up.

    The link at the bottom has all kinds of news and is updated a lot.

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    they all work at McDonalds after their solo 'careers' failed miserably, except for Rachel Stevens who is fit enough to sell photos to FHM etc...

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    the same thing that happens to all the bands!!!

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