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I need a true major story that conserns a major canadaian landform region.?

Explain how the charecteristics of the landform are an important part of the story.

THis is part of a geography homework.

Examples of it are like: (example: A lost hiker on a mountain or a flood in the prairie)

I need help

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    The Frank Slide

    Frank, Alberta is a coal mining town in the Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. On April 29, 1903, at 4:10 a.m., 82 million tonnes (30 million cubic meters) of limestone crashed from the summit of Turtle Mountain and covered approximately three square kilometers of the valley floor. The slide dammed the Crowsnest River and formed a small lake, covered 2km of the Canadian Pacific Railway, destroyed most of the coal mine's surface infrastructure, and buried seven houses on the outskirts of the sleeping town of Frank, as well as several rural buildings. Frank was home to approximately 600 people in 1903; of the roughly 100 individuals who lived in the path of the slide, more than 70 were killed.

    You can access this page for free from your local library.

    You should be able to find the news article if you type in

    the date of the slide (or a day or two after).

    There's also an article in The Globe And Mail, which I've accessed online through my library. It is dated April 30, 1903

    and it's on the front page.

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