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What's tougher to get in? Going to West Point or becoming a Navy Seal? Just wondering.?


I mean physically and mentally? How does one get in to these institutions?

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    again, it all depends on where you're coming from.

    if you're an 18 year old HS graduate without any major physical conditioning, then I would think it's probably easier to get into West Point. . . but you also have to be politically connected as if I remember correctly, each state can only send 2 candidates per year to West Point - these candidates usually chosen or "sponsored" by their respective state Senators. So technically, if you had an "in" or a good history/sob story, you might be able to get into West Point with the minimal requirements - physically and IQ-wise. Mental requirements such as will is probably minimal, since once you get in, just "play ball", and you can probably graduate. They would then train you up both physically and mentally and hopefully instill some willpower, but essentially West Pointers are newbie recruits, who after 4 years then graduate as Lieutenants in the regular Army. Physical conditioning probably coming in second to book learning. Remember it is a college, and once you graduate, you're expected to give orders and lead, whether it's eventually in the Army Rangers or the Signal Corps.

    SEALs are not around to teach or learn European Military History of the Battle of Waterloo. They're the scalpel of the Armed Forces, so physical conditioning is essential. Mental willpower is vital. Bookwise intelligence more of a plus. To become a SEAL, you'd have to have completed at least Basic Training and more in one of the armed services. But you really need to be physically at one of your highest points at the beginning (futher SEAL training will put you even higher), because the initial Hell Week is set to screen out the physically weak and those without the willpower to continue.

    People with years of military experience and conditioning often drop out - although anyone can apply (note, that if you drop out voluntarily, you can not reapply, if you drop out due to a physical problem (broken bone, stress fracture, disease, etc), then you can reapply). Rank-wise, it's open to everyone so you can have privates up to lieutenants applying

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    Navy Seal

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    Getting into West Point would be tougher by far. To be a Navy Seal you have to already be in the Navy, which isn't hard at all. You just have to take the asvab and go to Navy basic. West Point you start as a civilian and have to work to become a military man or woman.

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    More people go into Seal training each year but fewer graduate and become actual Navy Seals. The level of graduation at West Point is one of the highest in the Nation. But both will be difficult on every imaginable level.

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    Both are tough. West Point 4 years of the best military school without failing or screwing up. You are already in the military to become a SEAL. Hard nose military training rolled up in those few month but that does not include hell week.

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    Going to West Point is tougher because you start from scratch as a civilian to become a militarty man. Unlike in a Navy Seal, you are already in the service upon entry to the elite force.

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    Navy Seal. Period.

  • fredia
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    military Seals is BUDs Buds is 6 months of exact coaching. however the U.S. Marines in 2006 purely made a definite ops that works with SOCOM its noted as MARSOC(Marine specific Operation Command) Its basicly like the Seals and the army Seals and Marines do joint missions in specific circumstances to.

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    Seal period. It's not eveen close.

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