what is NASA going to do in four years when they stop flying the Space Shuttle?

How will they get back and forth to the space station? Is there a new craft out there?

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    The manned space program will continue with the Crew Exploration Vehicle, code named Orion. From NASA (see below for link):

    "The CEV is America’s new spacecraft for human space exploration. It will be able to ferry crews of three astronauts (plus additional cargo) to and from the International Space Station, but has the capability to carry as many as six crew members. It will take four crewmembers to lunar orbit, and even return up to six crewmembers to Earth on the final leg of a human Mars mission."

    And of course, manned space flight is just a part of what NASA does. NASA has fleets of satellites and exploration vehicles in earth orbit, studying the sun, circling Saturn, and on the way to Pluto. There's lots of NASA space science going on that is not at all related to the shuttle. And don't forget that NASA also does aeronautics.

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    NASA has an excellent website. At it you will find a schedule that lets you know what they are up to now and what is in the planning stages.

    They are looking into a number of different replacements for the shuttle as well as a trip to the moon and hopefully Mars in the not so distant future.

    My son and I download photos from NASA each day our desktop.

    Hope you check it out and have fun.

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    The shuttles have become previous and favor to be retired finally. Their retirement has somewhat been pushed ahead from 2010. except for that, they have been difficulty to a number of safe practices concerns, maximum surprisingly failures like Columbia and Challenger. except for, they're somewhat expensive and take in a large component to NASA's small funds. ultimately, although, they have fulfilled their project. The ISS is finished and we've discovered a lot from our experiemnts in Low Earth Orbit on the vacation. with any luck, we can proceed to hit upon and finally deliver human beings to Mars, an asteroid, or go back to the Moon. The plan is to attempt this even as having inner most organizations take over the more advantageous undemanding projects of ferrying issues to LEO, allowing NASA to study and boost out into area, finally sending human beings to Mars or asteroids. not having to fund the area vacation ought to really help free up money for such initiatives. New commerical spacecraft are being stepped ahead and examined, and NASA is operating on the Multi-purpose Cew vehicle (MPCV) for opertions previous Low Earth Orbit. till those new vehicles are deemed secure to carry human beings, u . s . a . of america will position self belief in Russia's Soyuz to deliver astronauts into area.

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    The Aries Series. Lookup it at www.nasa.gov

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    they will explore further into the solar system with electric magnetic energy.

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    they will probaly explore space further in our solar system

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    they hve finally learned how to fly the old girl they have hidding in area 57

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