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I keep losing the Questioner before I can answer! Re "hill and toe". Do you mean "heel & toe"? Stick shift?

Stick shifts can stall--particularly when you're stopped at the top of a steep hill. Then you have "heel" the brake, while your toe regulates the gas peddle! I used to drive an MGTF around San Francisco and Berkeley in '55 & '56. I got pretty good at it--but it always scared me! I entered "The Ladies' Race" at Laguna Seca one yr--scared myself silly at the top of a steep winding climb with a sheer drop on the outside of the sharp turn down. But it was all GREAT FUN!!

(Disregard, if this isn't what you meant. I have no idea WHAT "hill & toe" is.

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    You were a victim of the "Corkscrew" at Laguna. One of the most challenging sections of racecourse in the world! That is a great track, I bet it was a blast in a TF!

    Source(s): 25+ years in the collector car business Temple, Texas, USA
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