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JESUS POLL: Is He Saviour and L-rd over your life.....or just Saviour??

Honestly.....if you are saved He is Saviour. But to what degree is He L-rd? I was thinking about this yesterday.

Is He

A) Just my Saviour, I rule my own life

B) Saviour and L-rd over religious decisions only.

C) L-rd over religious and moral decisions

D) L-rd over alot of my life, I still have some thing I keep

E) L-rd over almost everything, I am trying to give over my will 100% and I am almost there


F) HE is Saviour and L-rd. He rules and reigns my every decision. I am a vessel, He steers the ship 100%

G) WHo is Jesus? I dont believe in that stuff.

(I am an E and working)




I am not looking for doctrine....just pick a letter and say why.

Update 2: dont think polls are fun? I do......

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    (F) I'll explain it to you this way...

    Satan no longer has power over my life, I am finally free. Free from worry, fear, hate, anger, and last but not least free from my own worse enemy... myself! I see with brand new eyes, I hear with brand new ears, I feel with a brand new heart. I gladly no longer walk for myself, I allow the maker of my path walk for me. How can I deny the one who has kept me and loved me even when I did not love myself?

    I surrendered a little and allowed him to step in, I surrendered allot and allowed him to take over. Now where I was weak I am strong. Where the enemy kept me quiet by faith and trust in The Lord I am able to speak those things that are unseen as if they are, and receive those blessings time after time.

    I feel joy here pain was dwelt, and just knowing there is still so much more to learn fills my heart where there was once emptiness. So how does it feel to be a vessel for Christ? I am no longer asleep Satan can no longer dim the light that my farther gave me to shine, and my life will now be a living praise and honor to his name! Glory to God!!!

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    F) HE is Saviour and L-rd. He rules and reigns my every decision. I am a vessel, He steers the ship 100%

    I do believe making Jesus our LORD after we have made Him our Savior is a learning process....see the link below.

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    if you're a Christian, then they're one interior a similar. you word, Jehovah's Witnesses believe Jesus replaced into somewhat a separate entity (as their beliefs are depending off Arianism) than God. maximum of Christian orthodoxy ought to reject this and ought to label some thing like JW as a cult because it deviates from church (maximum protestant and Catholic) teachings. Now, why can we believe this? some causes. There are references in John the position Jesus refers to himself as "i'm" in John 8 - actually utilising the former testomony call for God as himself. He accepts worship from the blind guy in John 9 the position angels does not settle for worship in different passages. there's a lot to be suggested right here yet properly to assert, Jesus did declare to be divine and did declare to have dominion over nature (ex. calming of the storms), demons (Jesus exorcising the demoniac), or maybe the ability to forgive sins (see Luke 5 - which in elementary words God on my own had the ability to do). Secondly, there are discrepancies between the JW translation and what are the canonical gospels. The canon we may be able to hint decrease back to unique resources (i imagine the Sinaiticus is the oldest that i comprehend of). there have been hundred of translations and copies, to the point the position you could follow the artwork of a translator about why they chosen the words they used to translate the script. In JW copies, you gained't discover the names of the translators interior their pages. it is from a prohibition of bringing up resources from the Watchtower. If i imagine a canonical translation to be faulty, i am going to discover the translator and word the position he must be incorrect. it is the potential of verification the position because the JW Bible (the hot international Translation) doesn't have equivalent verification. also, there are some translations which make no grammatical experience interior the unique Greek. John a million interior the NWT, as an social gathering, is this kind of passages. So, in Christian orthodoxy, the guy of Jesus and God the daddy are both parts of a similar divinity (i.e. heads of the trinity). i experience, and many different Christians believe, the canonical gospels to be a more advantageous precise and larger honest representation of the fact than texts who state that Jesus isn't God. that is an identical savior. So, asking this question to maximum Christians ought to a pretend decision.

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    He is my Lord and Savior. He reigns over almost every decision. (trying to do better on that part) I am a vessel. He steers about 90% of the ship. (trying to do better on that part too) Thats about as honest as I can get.

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    He is My Lord and Saviour over my whole life for i live for only Him he is my King For i am nothing with out Jesus in my Life

    he is the Key and the light of this world,

    For he will hide me in his shelter, in the days of trouble; he will conceal me under the cover of his tent, he will set me high on a rock . For he is my Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and he loves me May the spirit of Jesus fill your heart with his Peace ,Joy and love for Christmas and may years to Come Merry Christmas

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    Please, if your a true christian and I am, you gotta say the whole damn alphabet.

    Sometimes I could say F but in the most troubled times ive known myself to be more like G.

    I know your quiz is a challenge but come on - E! 100% and almost there! Almost where? Almost Perfect? Dangerous game friend. Keep that ego in check.

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    G) except I KNOW who Jesus WAS and I still don't believe that stuff

    I also find it interesting that you chose to cast aside what God said was his greatest gift to you, FREE WILL. You call yourself close minded in other answers to questions, and think God "steers the ship 100%"....O well, I will just chalk it up to one more paradox and oxymoron of the Christian faith.

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    Like Christians, Muslims respect and revere Jesus (pbuh). Islam teaches that Jesus (pbuh) is one of the greatest of God's prophets and messengers to mankind.

    Did Jesus or his Apostles follow a religion called Christianity? Who were the first 'Christians' ? Who founded Christianity and do the teachings of Christianity conform to the teachings of Jesus?

    The teachings of Paul, the true founder of Christianity, cannot be found anywhere in the teachings of Jesus or in those of prophets before him.

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    Jesus is my Savior my Lord my King.

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    I struggle, I want Jesus to be Lord over all, but I struggle.

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