Why does a doctor grab your testicles during a physical?

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does this happen to every one or is my doctor molesting me
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It's part of a man's physical exam.The doctor is checking for growths and abnormalities,it's called palpation;your doctor would be delinquent if he did not do this .
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  • kaz answered 7 years ago
    He could be checking for lumps (testicular cancer). More commonly it's accompanied by the "turn your head and cough" in which case he's checking for hernia (your guts in the wrong places, essentially) he can tell by how it feels as you cough. If, however, you sensed anything sexual or abusive in nature, you should report him and find a new doctor.
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  • Geo answered 7 years ago
    He is checking for lumps, weight, and size. Also, for hardness. As you get older they soften up into almost nothing. (around 60)


    retired biology teacher
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  • OliveRuth answered 7 years ago
    checking for lumps...but of course, there is that odd doctor who takes advantage...be alert
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  • crazy person answered 7 years ago
    he's checking to see if you have any cancer lumps on your balls. it happens to everyone.
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