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The Muhibah Company is a manufacturer of cylindrical aluminium tins. The manager plans to reduce the cost of production. The productional cost is proportional to the area of the aluminium sheet used. The volume that each tin hold is 1000cm cube (1liter).

1. Determine the value of h, r and hence calculate the ratio of h/r when the total surface area of each tin is aluminium. Here, h cm denotes the height and r cm the radius of the tin.

2. The top and bottom pieces of the tin of height h cm are cut from square-shaped aluminium sheets.

Determine the value for r, h and hence calculate the ratio h/r so that the total area of the aluminium sheets used for making the tin is minimum.

3. Investigate cases where the top and bottom surfaces are cut from

i.)Equilateral triangle

ii)Regular hexagon

Find the ratio of h/r for each case.

further investigation

investgate cases where the top and bottom faces pf the tinare being cut from aluminium sheets consisting shapes of regular polygon.from the results of your investigation what conclusion can you derive from the relationship of the ratio of h/r and the number of sides of polygon?

wastage occurs when circles are cut from aluminium sheet. which is not round in shap. suggest the best possible shape of aluminium sjeets to be used so as to reduce the production cost..

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    the conclusion is that nobody knows...

    too long a problem!


    you can try

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