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What episode is this?(Of family guy)?

Heres the link to a clip from the episode :

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    the episode was called sibling rivalry

    After a pregnancy scare, Peter reluctantly agrees to have a vasectomy. His friends suggest that he put some sperm in a sperm bank in case he and Lois decide they want to have another baby someday. At the sperm bank Peter goes into the freezer to wait for a room and he accidentally knocks all the sperm vials over. To put everything back so he won’t get in trouble he fills the vials up with his own sperm.

    Nine months later Bertram is born to a nice lesbian couple.

    After the vasectomy Peter loses interest in sex and Lois starts overeating out of frustration. Before long she is overweight. Meanwhile Stewie has established his iron rule over the playground but the arrival of Bertram threatens his hegemony and before long full scale war is engaged. The two sides are fairly evenly matched until Bertram uses biological warfare and Stewie has to go home with the chicken pox.

    Lois has gained a bunch of weight and Peter is pretty mean about it. During a fight in bed, however, they accidentally have sex and Peter discovers that he loves fat sex. Unfortunately Lois has a heart attack and in order to save her the doctor has to remove all her fat.

    Meanwhile Stewie, recovers from Chicken Pox and defeats Bertram in an epic sword fight.

    here you go ;

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    That is the episode where Peter and Lois stopped having sex and Lois gained all the weight. At the end Lois had liposuction and Peter was caught in the back room making love to it.

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    Not a clue.

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