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Can't find Q re opposite of "succomb"?

Martell, here again. I answered it once, but lost the Q and I have some more: staunch, obstinant, defiant, struggle, stance, stand combat, steel, reinforce, overcome, create, win.

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    Hello Martel

    Let's see if I can help you with your search for ANTONYMS [opposites]. Keep in mind that there are many words that may be antonyms of the ones you proposed - these are just a few.

    succumb - prevail

    staunch - weak

    obstinate - compliant

    defiant - cooperative

    struggle - agree

    stance - perception [this was the toughest of the lot]

    stand combat - [unknown expression]

    steel - aluminum

    reinforce - abandon

    overcome - succumb

    create - destroy

    win - lose [duh!]

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    Oh my gosh, yes it is sooo annoying! What could they possibly be taking a breather from??

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