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Will the Democrats allow George Bush to add 50,000 troops to go to Iraq.?

1. What is the opinion of both Democrats and Republicans as well as others on this issue.

2. Can the American people allow the Bush Administration to put them greater in debt than the already 8.4 Trillion or $28,000 per American citizen.

3. Is it time to impeach Bush and Cheney and others before this sink the United States.

4. Should the members and founders of the ever dangerous PNAC who are behind this also be charged.

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    He will do it before the next Congress convenes.

    1. The ISG report specifically requests a surge in troops in Baghdad to provide a platform of stability to start their New Diplomatic Offensive. So at least this small group of Democrats and Republicans supports the idea.. I do not.

    2. They cannot afford this national debt, but they have little power to stop it.

    3. It is time to impeach them, because they have committed grave crimes against the world and the United States.

    4. A lot of people should be charged, but chances are slim that it will actually happen.

    zrunner, can you impose democracy on anybody? would it really be a democracy?

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    1.Dems have in the past proven themselves to be far more willilng to engage in warfare than have Repubs. My guess is they will either greatly expand the war or create such a mess by early retreat that in THEIR next administration, they will ramp up the war to far greater levels.

    2. The debt is decreasing rapidly due to a low tax policy and the high level of government revenue generated because of it. The debt slope was well on its way up after the 2000 "bubble" while the forecasted surplus of that era continues to be quoted from the peak of the bubble. Debt did increase dramatically under Bush, markedly following 9/11. Any Dem would have done the same thing and massively expanded govt. spending to shore up jobs in a world class crashing economy. It worked. Now the problem is to slow the spending since the economy has weathered pretty well.

    3. No - but I wish Chaney had resigned before the elections cylce so some new Repub faces could get pre-election exposure. Not only is Bush a lame duck -- so is Chaney (not helpful to Repubs).

    4. No. We need more thinkers to ponder directions for the new century - not less. To stifle ideas is not good. Bush could probably use some more input though and it seems the latest idea "fest" on Iraq is an example - though probably a bit late for any political advantage to the Repubs.

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    1. Yes as long as he changes course. I'm a democrat.

    2. We have to. We have a duty to fix the mess we made.

    3. Yes it is time to impeach both of them.

    4. Not until complete proof is provided.

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    I sure hope the new Congress can cooperate with the President. With Charlie Rangel lobbying for a draft, it would seem hypocritical to deny the troops the support they say they need to win the war.

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    I fought in Iraq, take it from me, the war is unwinable, unless they lift the ridiculous rules of engagement. We can't impose democracy on people who only listen to people when you use physical force. theyre all animals. lets pull out and help our own people and stop giving money to ungrateful arabs.

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  • bettys
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    1 decade ago


    2 NO

    3 YES


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    According to ex-military, there's nowhere to get 50,000 troops.

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  • jim
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    1 decade ago

    1) No

    2) No

    3) Yes

    4) Yes

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  • Andy
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    1 decade ago

    I hope not

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  • ?
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