How to change last name and cost- We live in Ohio?

My finance was not married at the time his son was born but did marry the gal afterwards. When their son was born she gave their son her maiden name and she kept her maiden name once they were married. During their divorce my fiance just wanted to get the big D over with and the name never got changed. How can we make this happen now and how much money does it take? Her reason for not wanting the name changed now is "We live in a small community and I don't want everyone knowing my three kids have different dads." Please advise.

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    i live in ohio as well, i am going thru something similar. Only the mother can give and or change the childs name before and after it is on the birth certificate. the only other way if for the father to get name change papers that cast almost 60$ and give the news paper a copy for about 70$ and get the birth mother to sign off on it. the courts will change it if all goes thru. Ohio if funny like that.

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    Testify against a Mob or a Druglord, then apply for a Witness Protection Program. The U.S Marshalls will take care of changing your name.

    And it's for get rewarded...

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